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Jason Hersh, LBBP


In an era in which technology evolves at the speed of light, marketing trends change on the dime, and competition has never been fiercer, businesses need all the help they can get, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises.

Jason Hersh knows this well. He’s an IT expert with 25 years’ experience designing and building technology and operational infrastructures, digital marketing programs, and business development plans that have allowed enterprises to prosper—some in the most challenging environments imaginable. By 2020, Jason’s reputation was well established, so it came as little surprise, when he founded JEH Consulting Services, that clients were lining up from day one, and JEH quickly became the go-to firm for companies who want to start or scale their business.

Serving startups to mid-sized companies to e-commerce ventures across industries—JEH is helping businesses grow, transform, scale, and succeed through technology. A unique full-service IT provider with offices in the U.S., Palestine, Netherlands, and Turkey, and some of the world’s most talented IT experts on staff with extensive experience in e-commerce, JEH provides services and solutions that allow businesses to thrive. From custom software development, database design and implementation, backend office systems, mobile apps, websites, e-commerce services to marketing strategies, if there’s a pain point, JEH can find a technological solution to fix it.

As the hands-on president of JEH, Jason specializes in using new and emerging technology to enhance efficiency and profitability. However, it’s his universe of expertise in business development, infrastructure formation, marketing, and the spectrum of operational aspects that proves invaluable to identifying the issues and proposing the most cost-effective IT solutions to solve them. “Having built and run all those different divisions, myself, I can see where the issues lie and identify the most cost-effective IT solutions to solve them,” he says.

Underlying all tech mastery, the talent, the repertoire of expertise, is Jason’s sense of duty, commitment to philanthropic work, and desire to help people by finding solutions that others might not see.

Where It All Began

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, in 2010, Jason lent his unique problem-solving skills and technological expertise to disaster response logics planning the operations management after Haiti’s devastating earthquake. For seven years, he helped start three new businesses in a region with no supply chain or infrastructure to support them. Those companies are still thriving today. “I had to learn how to do everything—marketing, business development, infrastructure formation. It was this experience that led to the design of JEH as a unique full-service IT firm,” Jason shares.

We spoke with Jason to learn more about JEH, and how their unique solutions are helping companies, online businesses, and startups thrive in a crowded marketplace


What inspired you to start the company?

I learned about data analytics while living and working in Haiti providing disaster response and relief.  I realized that data could be used to prioritize and plan the delivery of supplies and services to remote areas of the country.  This realization led me to complete data analytics training courses and become a specialist in using data to find actionable insights.  Once I became proficient with data analytics and database design, I decided to open my own company and offer my services directly to clients.

You’re helping online businesses, including Amazon and eBay retailers, increase their growth and profits by replacing the complex maze of data reports with an easy system. How does your unique system work?

Most e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart don’t make it simple to access all the data related to a merchant’s sales and advertising costs.  Generally, it required a person whose sole full-time job was to download about 14 different reports from the marketplace dashboard and manually copy and paste them together to get one set of usable data.  This resulted in as much as 30 hours per week of labor costs.  I designed a system that could connect to the Walmart and Amazon API to automatically import the data from the API, clean and transform the data and then place it into a database so calculations can be performed.  The system passed all the testing and was so successful that my clients no longer needed a person to manage the report downloads, which saved 30 hours of labor weekly.

While JEH serves a growing number of well-established companies, you’re also a champion of startups. What are their most common, or urgent, needs and how are your solutions helping them thrive?

Startups require a careful analysis of their business model and future expansion plans before they choose a software package to manage their business.  We perform this evaluation and provide options that will provide for the current needs of the company but also allow for growth in the future without having to switch to a new software environment.

What do you enjoy most about your work, Jason?

I enjoy showing my clients how technology can be used to make their companies more efficient and profitable. It’s that simple, and it’s such rewarding work.


Jason Hersh, LBBP

Founder & President — JEH Consulting Services


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