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Jason Reeves

As founder and CEO of consulting firm Segue Wealth Management, Jason Reeves counts on his years of experience to offer relevant and personal financial and retirement education, and wealth building strategies that can have a long-term impact.  Having served over 700 clients across industries spanning local government, medical professionals, educators, new individual investors, and others, the expertise Jason shares enables people to maximize their financial opportunities at each stage of their lives. “For us, it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the people. Our job is to educate them so that they can make wiser decisions for themselves and their families.”

Currently based in Denver, Colorado, Jason founded Segue in 2018 and is opening a second location in New Orleans, Louisiana in the fall of 2021. Jason spent the better part of his career in management, before transitioning to financial services eight years ago. After nearly a decade within the industry, he took his experience and industry insight and launched a firm with empathy at its core—an uncommon characteristic among financial services firms, and one that guides everything Jason does.

“I’ve found over the years that hearing is not the same as listening.  I listen, and my clients sense my empathy for them as people with unique stories, and very personal goals all their own. Our bond with our clients is reflected not only in our pricing structure, but in our commitment to educating them throughout their financial journey,” he shares. “While most firms charge a fee based on assets under management, Segue’s fees reflect the best return on what is valuable to the individual client.  When our clients are successful, we are successful. We must win together. Our reward comes from helping our clients achieve their long-term financial goals while positively impacting their family tree,” he says.

As a member of the Association of Financial Educators and as a Certified Educator in Personal Finance, Jason is dedicated to enriching people’s lives through not only sound financial consulting, but through education. In this vein, he created the popular Financial Foundations Seminar Series with a motto that reflects his commitment: “Better education leads to better decision making.” Hundreds of people have benefited from this program, and while it is designed to help clients at any stage of life grasp the principles of financial literacy and investing, Jason sees the greatest benefit to those at the dawn of their career arc—recent high school and college graduates. “Our course has helped them the most, and we work with them to understand the impact of the critical financial choices they make as young adults that can benefit them now and maximize what they’re going to achieve over the course of their life’s work” he says.

The course, offered individually to clients or through seminars, digs deep into how money works, what investing means, how to budget, and how people can make their money work for them.  “It’s a very popular program because many of us make good money, but don’t know where the money goes.  We really focus on helping our attendees as well as our clients understand the fundamentals of finance so that they can truly see the value in budgeting, saving, and investing as well as how elements such as compounding interest can offer exponential growth opportunities. It really opens their eyes,” he says.

Segue also offers consulting services focused around angel investing and securing venture capital. “With many laws changing over the last several years, a lot of these opportunities are available to everyone now, and helping our clients understand them is another part of what we do.”

The very name of Jason’s firm reflects the foundation on which it was built. “Segue is a musical term, describing a smooth transition from one note to another. Through each stage of life, we’re always in a phase of transition, and each one has different financial concerns and goals. We help guide our clients through those financial transitions and try to make them as smooth as possible,” he explains. “Being able to positively affect a client's life and to see tangible change not only in their financial position, but in their attitude and long-term outlook, is amazing. To see our clients and their families go from stressed out to now having hope and a plan for their future is priceless!”


Jason earned his BA from Berea College in 2006, his MA from Concordia University-Irvine in 2016, and is a licensed insurance producer in Colorado and Louisiana.



Jason Reeves

Founder & CEO — Segue Wealth Management





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