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Jason Twiford

Jason Twiford grew up in Alaska in a log cabin with no heater, put himself through college at Chapman University, earned his MBA at the University of La Verne, all with the goal of a high-paying career. And, thanks to his drive and his faith, he’s reached that goal. Jason is a senior account executive at Orion Lending, a nationwide wholesale lender founded in 2014, in Orange, California, with an additional operations center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Orion offers a variety of products, including agency programs, DPA, jumbo, and non-QM. Jason describes the firm as a seller servicer that utilizes exceptional technology and focuses on the broker relationship. Jason brings nearly three decades of financial experience and more than 25 years as a wholesale account executive to Orion, which he joined in December of 2018.


His responsibilities include managing timeframes and expectations to ensure loans are submitted and close on time. “I manage the flow of the pipeline, prioritization of files and resolve problems – the goal is to keep every loan moving forward as quickly as possible,” he says. “I focus on getting the job done, from uploading the loan to moving a family into a new home.”


In addition to this, Jason is also responsible for expanding Orion’s network of brokers, which helps both clients and brokers alike, as well as his company. This continuous growth of his network has helped Jason tremendously. “It allows me to add staff and leverage the resources t I have. Additional personnel allow us to give our clients a much more personalized level of service, we want to pick up the phone and resolve problems with one touchpoint. We leverage technology as much as possible and strive to give the broker a very positive experience, exceeding expectations on every loan.” To ensure the most streamlined experience possible, Jason has his own dedicated operations team that handles the transaction from start to finish, with a list of daily priorities ensuring everyone is working in the same direction, with the same goal. “We’ve taken a very chaotic process and made it methodical, which allows me to deliver a consistent product to my brokers,” he says. “In doing so, my brokers close their loans on time which drives realtors want to partner with my clients.”


Combining his experience with one of the most difficult financial situations in recent history with his careful network building has proven hugely successful for Jason and Orion. Over the course of his entire career, Jason has closed in excess of $12 billion, ranking him among the top AE’s in the industry.  In 2020, despite the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, his total volume was over $450 million, compared to the previous year’s $380 million. His success has earned him a place as a member of the Presidents Club each year it was offered and was named Washington Mutual’s Team Player of the Year in 2006 and was their Most Driven winner in 2007, making him the only two-time Washington Mutual award winner. He’s also won several incentive trips and prizes thanks to his performance, including trips to see the Olympics in Australia, Mediterranean cruises, and more.


“I love my job,” Jason says. “It’s dynamic. Every day presents a different set of challenges and I think outside the box constantly. I’ve been blessed with a fantastic team, and I work with some of the best brokers in the country. I never expected to reach the level of success that I find myself at and feel very blessed for my career and my family.”



Jason Twiford

Senior Account Executive — Orion Lending


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