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Jay Roberts

Some people are born with advantages—wealthy parents, a business legacy, a preordained career path. Some, you might say, are just lucky. They always seem to be in the right place at the right time—a seat next to a CEO on a long flight, a classmate with an inroad to the hiring manager of a Fortune 500 company, a chance encounter with Mark Cuban. This is not the story of someone who capitalized on that type of fortune. This is the chronicle of a man who was not “blessed” with a silver spoon or advantages from birth, who was ladened with challenges, with unfavorable odds stacked against him. Yet, in defiance of probability, Jay Roberts became the leader of the thriving real estate investment and development firm, Prosper Group, and made it his mission to enrich the lives of others.


Jay was born in Seoul, South Korea, to an indigent family who could not adequately provide for him. He spent the first three months of his life in an orphanage before he was adopted and brought to the U.S. Raised in Los Angeles by a single mother, he worked diligently to get into college, ultimately earning an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business. “I did everything on my own, but I had the benefit of great roles models who showed me the value of hard work. My uncle, who was like a father, sorted mail at the post office and my sisters worked in food service,” he recalls. “I envisioned the American dream and worked towards that—voraciously reading books, actively networking, and getting a top-tier education. Then, when I started my career in real estate, I worked from the bottom—cold calling and knocking on doors, building grit that would become an invaluable asset.”


Now, some 15 years later, this unstoppable force, with the heart of an entrepreneur, the mind of a financier, and the creativity of a real estate developer, continues to use his passion and expertise to enrich communities and create prosperity for those who reside in them, as CEO of Prosper Group. 



Founded in 2021, Prosper Group is a real estate investment and development firm focused on acquiring and building assets across specific data-driven themes. Their mission is to enhance the communities of Florida, specifically Tampa Bay and Orlando, while delivering above-market returns for investors. In that endeavor, Prosper Group builds luxury residential, waterfront, single-family homes, townhouses, and hotels, among others. Currently under development is the Fontanarosa Townhomes Community, which features 40 three-story, three-bedroom, three-bath, townhomes, each 2,143 square feet on 3.1 acres, with ponds and other water features, in the mid-to-upper $500,000 range. “The design, quality, and attention to detail of our homes are key strengths. We are very focused on our end users loving and enjoying the homes we build. We start with a vision for places we’d want to live in ourselves, mix in design and heart, and let the results speak for themselves,” Jay explains. “On the investor side, we are fortunate to partner with blue chip family offices, tech CEOs, business executives, and other real estate owners who back our data-driven approach to investing and developing.”


Recently, Jay was hired as a senior advisor to capitalize a nearly half-billion-dollar mixed-use development called Legacy Miami World Center, the third largest of its kind in the history of Florida. It will be a 55-story skyscraper consisting of 310 luxury residences, a 219-room hotel, and a 120,000-square-foot wellness center.

Jay has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., The New York Times, and been published in: “16 Habits of Highly Successful People” for Inc. Magazine, and “8 Asian Americans Shaping the Future of Travel” for Forbes.


Jay Roberts
Founder and CEO
Prosper Group

Instagram: @jayroberts

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