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Jazmine Gonzalez
When a hobby turns into a career


While in college, Jazmine Gonzalez took a job performing as an MC at events on the weekends when she wasn't playing sports. Although she was successful, she considered it a hobby, and once she graduated, she planned on becoming a news anchor. That changed when Jazmine was encouraged by event planners to stay in the events industry. She decided to open her own entertainment production company, H.Y.P.E. Productions (How You Prefer Entertainment). That quickly turned into a highly successful career as an event specialist whose team travels nationwide producing some of the most exciting entertainment ideas. Six years ago, she opened a second business, Loft 21, a 31,000-square-foot venue, effectively creating a one-stop shop for clients.


As president of both companies, Jazmine oversees all day-to-day operations, including interacting with customers, managing sales and marketing, and handling the creative aspect of all events. From weddings and corporate events to charity galas, bar mitzvahs and more, Jazmine and her staff of professional entertainers strive to make every event unique for each client. Both companies boast the latest technology in lighting, sound, video screens, mechanical walls, ceiling trap doors and more. Loft 21 features an industrial, ultra-modern feel that allows each event to design from a blank canvas.


Immensely proud of the 80 people on her team, many of whom have been with the company for years, Jazmine and her team work seamlessly together and are passionate about helping people create memories. She never refers to herself as the boss, but rather sees herself as a team leader and coach. "I am a minority female in a male-dominated industry, and it is rare for someone like me to have this level of success. To share it with my team is the biggest reward." Jazmine says. "I hope my experience and my story will encourage other women to dive in, chase after your dreams, and don't ever let anybody stop your hustle. You can have it all; an entrepreneur, wife, and mom."


Jazmine won an award for Entertainer of The Year at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City two times. She is also very active in a group called Step Up, an organization that encourages young women to be confident in moving forward and becoming entrepreneurs. Her newest project is called Christian Athletes Alliance, where she mentors young athletes on balancing school, sports, friends, and family, while centering it around keeping their faith a priority.


Jazmine Gonzalez

President — Hype Productions-Loft 21

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