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Jenn appears in the Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Jenn Larry

With over 20 years of experience across relevant and regulated consumer sectors, a deep understanding of commercial, trade, and brand marketing, and a strong grasp of cannabis, as an active consumer packaged-good ingredient, Jenn and her organizations are invaluable partners for companies looking to catalyze their market positions, and build strong, smart sustainable cannabis businesses.

As president of CBD Strategy Group, a commercial marketing, brand development, and business strategy agency, Jenn helps domestic and global businesses thrive inside the box of cannabis regulation. She also leverages this leadership and expertise by serving as a member of the board for the National Institute of Cannabis Investors, and a mentor for Grow Tech Labs.

Back in 2016, at the time of Canada’s public consultation regarding the potential of cannabis becoming federally legalized for “non medical use,” Jenn was inspired to launch CBD Strategy Group, believing strongly that cannabis would be one of the most significant active ingredients in the future of consumer-packaged goods innovation. More specifically, Jenn recognized that there would be entrepreneurs and companies en masse needing support, while looking to capitalize on what has now become a new major sector in the Canadian economy.

In addition to the need for consulting support, Jenn saw a growing need for cannabis education and in 2019 launched the Cannabis Education Guild (CEG) with cannabis educator and social impact consultant, Kelly Beker. As a platform for global cannabis education and social good, the CEG offers a base foundation for cannabis industry knowledge. In January 2020, CEG launched its international education tour, which hosted medical cannabis conference sessions in Malaysia, Korea, and Thailand.


Prior to CBD Strategy Group’s inception in 2017, Jenn had already amassed two decades of experience working with b2b and b2c brands across industries with their own regulatory challenges and strategic nuances. During the course of her career, which started in the music business, Jenn developed an eye for operationalizing product categories with a holistic view of their value chains.

Holding senior roles in marketing management, strategic planning, and operations, Jenn has worked with companies such as: Sony Music, Universal Music, Sunrise Records, British American Tobacco, Sanofi Health, Essilor Optical, and Pharmascience. Her extensive experience enables her to develop strategies in markets and categories that are in a state of disruption and ban traditional marketing and branding. 

Over the decade of time she spent in the music business, Jenn was instrumental in commercializing Reggaetón in Canada, launching a new genre across radio and retail.  Additionally, she developed new business models to generate marketing budgets, highlighting her ability to think outside of the box and design a new way of working.

Moreover, Jenn has spent much of the past ten years working in a strategic capacity with a heavy focus on new technologies, digital marketing, and brand communications. Her ability to understand complex ideas and provide synthesized overviews of topics led her to represent organizations at senior leadership events covering biometrics, cryptocurrency, behavioral economics, and shopper marketing.

Now, with an exclusive focus on the cannabis sector, Jenn brings an extensive range of knowledge and insights, helping clients design competitive plans while avoiding unnecessary spending. Believing in a conscious, strategy-first business approach, Jenn understands her clients’ goals and has the knowledge and skills to get them there.

Over the last four years, Jenn has spoken at over 40 Cannabis conferences in Canada, the U.K., Jamaica, the U.S., and Asia. She has also been interviewed and cited across multiple national and international publications, and continues to work with the media to help drive practical and valuable sector information.

“As we continue to see cannabis become a critical part of invigorating the socioeconomic landscape of current world markets, it is essential for businesses to focus on strategy, consumer needs, supply-chain requirements, and social good. The bottom line of cannabis is about understanding the plant, and how it will work in the future of consumer packaged goods.”



Jenn Larry

President — CBD Strategy Group

LinkedIn: Jenn Larry

Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Jenn's feature on page 82.

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