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Jennifer Pereira

In the realm of strategic business leadership, Jennifer Pereira emerges as an exceptional example of how one person can make a huge impact. Standing at the helm of Fluent Motion Inc. as its founder and CEO, Jennifer has carved a distinctive path, redefining the boundaries of consultancy and service provision across diverse industries. Her vision is rooted in the idea of not merely treating ailments, but facilitating complete recovery and independence.


With a multifaceted role encompassing oversight and development of corporate strategic plans, business development and public relations, and operational subject matter expertise, Jennifer's impact resonates across the spectrum of Fluent Motion's operations. Focused on a profound mission, Fluent Motion strives to be the "trusted advisor" to global businesses, organizations, and individuals, fostering an environment of sustainable growth and quality enhancement.


Jennifer's journey reflects her deep-rooted commitment to kinesiology, occupational health and safety, human resources, training, and auditing services. Over 22 years of consulting and training expertise have solidified her reputation as an expert, fostering innovative solutions to intricate challenges. Her pro-active approach to problem-solving has brought transformative results to hundreds of companies worldwide. In fact, the impetus behind the inception of Fluent Motion stemmed from Jennifer's unwavering desire to empower individuals to reach their full potential.


With a robust focus on employer partnerships, Fluent Motion specializes in training, onsite safety, and injury prevention. Jennifer's unique position as a Registered Kinesiologist (R.Kin), Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), Doctorate of Acupuncture (DAc.), and Environmental Professional (EP) with five specializations underscores her versatile expertise.


Jennifer Pereira
Founder and CEO
Fluent Motion Inc.


Instagram: @FLUENTMOTION01

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