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Jerry Wang


Jerry Wang was working a comfortable, nine-to-five job as a scientist at Novartis, focusing on molecular biology in diagnostic product development, and publishing articles on cancerous gene mutation detection, among other topics. In 2015, while still with Novartis, he started his first business, and in 2017, he made the decision to jump full-time into entrepreneurship. He’s never looked back.


Today, Jerry is the president and founder of NXLVL. With operations officially launched in early 2022, their cannabis delivery platform offers unique delivery options for cannabinoids, such as a water-stable powder and a water-soluble nanosyrup. They partner with a growing roster of health care industries, including cancer treatment and hospice centers, to supply fast-acting edibles to those who need them most, as well as to emerging CBD markets around the world. They also offer CBD and cannabis products directly to consumers, which are available nationwide online; and in California, they offer THC products. What’s more, the delivery system is personalized for each patient based on genetic profiling and their own personal preferences. NXLVL is unique in that instead of focusing on licensing, production, and sales, Jerry and his team focus on R&D, technology, and innovation. “I think it’s more impactful to bring in technology to enhance delivery and absorption for end users,” Jerry explains. “That’s why I started the company, to provide services specifically in this area.” And they’re not just serving their own customers—NXLVL also helps companies customize, brand, and deliver the products to their own unique specifications.


In addition to NXLVL, Jerry has also founded several other companies. NXLVL, LLC, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an indoor cannabis cultivation company that grossed $300,000 in its first six months of operation in 2022. Costera Consulting, Inc., assists with cannabis business and licensing needs, and has launched retail franchises in multiple Los Angeles locations. Finally, Lakewood Holdings, LLC, is in the process of obtaining its retail license to become a vertical cannabis company in Long Beach, California. And through all of these ventures, Jerry helps others rise as well. “In the beginning, it was about hitting goals, but now it’s about the people,” he says. “Bringing someone else up and coaching them to be a leader is the most rewarding thing.”


Jerry Wang

Founder & President — NXLVL

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