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Jim Eagan


Jim Eagan, a US Air Force veteran, is the president of Limestone Investments, a boutique brokerage firm that specializes in investment properties in Las Vegas. With a focus on acquiring and managing single-family homes and commercial properties, Limestone Investments helps investors get the best returns on their investments. Unlike their competitors, the company also helps investors acquire tenants after their purchase. “We're really good at identifying good tenants and that makes our investors extremely happy. We have proprietary methods for screening and as a result, we don't have to evict as often and our tenants take really good care of property,” Jim shares.


As an investor, Jim knows that Las Vegas is a market with its ups and downs, and he uses his experience and knowledge to help his clients make informed decisions. He believes that the key to success in the investment property market is identifying the right opportunities and acquiring properties that are likely to provide a good return. He also believes in having the right team in place. With a passion for mentoring others, Jim has trained agents with very little experience and turned them into successful property managers and owners of their own brokerages.


Prior to his current role, Jim was a general contractor in California and before that, ran spy satellite simulations for General Electric. He has a degree in aerospace engineering and has authored two books on property management; A Fistful of Properties and For a Few Properties More. He teaches other  property managers seeking to renew their license and does consulting work for struggling property management companies.




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