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Jinhee Wilde

Jinhee Wilde is principal and founding partner at WA Law Group, LLC, a boutique law firm located in Maryland that focuses exclusively on immigration law. As a former government prosecutor and lawyer for 10 years and as an immigration lawyer for 20 years, she looks at cases from a unique perspective—with a proactive eye toward the government. Her ability to do so has resulted in nearly 100-percent approval record of hundreds of cases. “We don’t do assembly-line type of immigration work like some large firms.  We don’t just meet the minimal requirement on the immigration forms.  We try to anticipate what the government will ask for and provide it proactively,” she explains.  “This allowed us to receive very few Request for [additional] Evidence (RFE) from USCIS over the years, which has saved time, extra cost and anxiety for our clients.”

Jinhee opened her current firm in 2009 as Wilde & Associates.  In 2018, with the firm’s growth, it became WA Law Group.  The firm provides comprehensive immigration legal services with an emphasis on investment and employment immigration. She and her team of likeminded attorneys with more than 30 years of combined experience serve as powerful advocates for their clients, ushering them through the often confusing and changing immigration laws and policies, from green cards to citizenship. “We focus on the business side of immigration with employment-based and investment-based immigration--which I believe is the key to successful immigration policy – to help U.S. employers maintain a robust workforce. Our focus is to create U.S. jobs when and where they are needed to build a successful economy.” Jinhee shares.

Jinhee and her team place tremendous value on the accuracy of their work and the quality of customer care and service they provide for their clients. Their commitment to excellence means giving individualized attention to each client, keeping them informed and anticipating their questions about the many forms and processes along the way.  The firm’s staff always responds to client emails, phone calls, and other inquiries within 24 hours. As the founding partner, Jinhee sets the tone and takes full responsibility for each case and each client.  She and her partner remain involved from start to finish, with both reviewing each case fully at least once to ensure its completeness and accuracy.

The entire WA Law Group team works closely with their clients—often for years—tailoring their work to each specific client and taking into consideration their long- and short-term goals. “Unlike other legal work, the immigration process takes a very long time. From start to finish, it could be five years, or even longer, so it becomes a long-term relationship where the client becomes part of the firm. They come back and refer their family and friends, and we become one large family and take care of each other,” she explains. With a reputation for being a fierce and personable advocate for her clients, she has been ranked repeatedly among the Top 10 and Top 25 immigration lawyers in the country. “Having that kind of recognition means a lot,” she shares, but “it is also humbling, and I am grateful for the support.  It definitely pushes me to do better.”


Jinhee Wilde

Principal and Founding Partner — WA Law Group, LLC

11140 Rockville Pike, Suite 620

Rockville, MD 20852


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