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Joey Jones


Joey Jones has been a business owner for nearly all of his 30-year career in finance. In 1992, he founded his first company, a registered investment advisory business, helping small- and medium-sized companies with 401(k)s, insurance plans, etc., and with C-level clients, before exiting that business in 2008 to start a consulting firm just before the crash. He returned to finance in 2018 with CurveBlock, which he founded with a partner who shared his vision to help “regular” people reap financial rewards through means not always available to them. CurveBlock has a group company that is regulated under the FCA in the UK—and they’re on a mission to level the playing field for retail investors to participate and benefit in the real estate investing world. “We both came from middle-class backgrounds, and we were determined to help others like us,” Joey says. “CurveBlock aims to be the first company to bring in the shared economy to invest in real estate development by allowing retail investors, an area traditionally limited to high-net-worth individuals.”

Joey has a passion for CurveBlock’s mission to bring financial inclusion to the masses by working with the UK government to change regulations to allow regular people to invest in real estate development as an asset class. “At our present stage, I run a per se professional investor fund investing in carbon zero, energy positive residential developments that our sister company, CurveBlock Holdings, develops,” he explains. CurveBlock’s portfolio is 175M pounds in gross development value at present—and it is breaking the mold, giving 50% of their own profit back to investors.

“My focus is to help everyday people understand the financial markets to the point they can make educated decisions and invest in a way that provides a financially secure future for themselves and their families. This is my personal goal as well as that of CurveBlock,” Joey shares. “We have one life, so let’s do something to make a difference.”

Joey holds degrees in business management with minors in economics and business writing. He was recently recognized in the Who’s Who Top Executives and acknowledged in the Who’s Who of Rising Young Americans earlier in his career.


Joey Jones

Co-Founder/Chief Revenue & Compliance Officer — CurveBlock

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