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John Thornton, CPA


Driven to make a difference in the lives of others, John Thornton co-founded CoVest Ventures in October of 2020. With a triple-bottom-line concept of people, planet, and profit, the company with a conscience offers passive investors the opportunity to invest in value-add, B class, multifamily apartment buildings through syndication. “We try to make real estate investing accessible to everyone, offering generational wealth opportunities with low buy-ins,” John says. Focused on markets where demographics are moving in a direction that supports rent growth and a five-year hold term, CoVest works to maximize value and preserve capital. “On the business side, we use energy-efficient/clean energy incentive programs paired with tax benefits to promote healthy returns for our investors and to provide a better quality of life to those who live at our properties while also advancing clean energy,” he explains. “We also focus on capital preservation by deploying both common (e.g. buying in growth markets) and creative strategies (e.g. installing solar panels) to maximize investor value.”


With a portfolio comprised of 650+ units across Texas and the Midwest amounting to over $50 million in value, the thriving company is making an impact in a major way. “The social component that we employ at our properties not only increases value, but also reduces our carbon footprint and water consumption, which is a big benefit considering the rising cost of energy and water utilities,” John says. Prior to launching CoVest, John spent seven years as a management consultant at a Big4 firm. In the midst of the pandemic, he left his successful career and took a risk to enter the real estate industry full time. Leveraging the skills and growth mindset from consulting, John completed his first deal converting a duplex into a triplex, later scaling from two units to 650+ in just 24 months. Within 12 months of closing his first deal, John was on stage sharing his entrepreneurial journey with over 1,000 people—at just 30 years old.


Today, John is considered a trusted authority in the industry, speaking at conferences, and educating people on real estate investing across the country. “We’re transforming apartment communities to make them safer, cleaner, better places to live. That’s really what I enjoy most about my work.”


John Thornton, CPA

Co-Founder & Partner — CoVest Ventures



Instagram: @jtdoesrealestate

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