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Jon Youngs


Growing up, Jon Youngs had rheumatoid arthritis, and as a former athlete, participated in both mixed martial arts and semi-pro football. Needless to say, he has had his fair share of injuries. Like most people in the sports world, the only options for treatment were surgery or drugs, which often led to dependency. “To counteract this cycle, after my athletic career, I got into fitness and nutrition and learned everything I could about the body,” he said. “I learned a lot about the genetic aspect and stumbled upon regenerative medicine in search of organic treatment options.” About four years ago, he started BioXstem, a company that distributes human cell and tissue products (HCT/P) in the regenerative space, and, since then, has been at the helm of several other innovative ventures in the field, including Stacks Nootropic, Age Bio Med, Ageless Biotech, and ASC Medical Group.


Jon is directly involved in each of his companies, keeping his thumb on the pulse of them all through a hands-on, personal approach that is uncommon for most serial entrepreneurs. ”I want to be an executive who goes on sales calls with my teams; be out on the street with them. I pride myself on being involved,” he said. “I took my experiences as a patient to help make a change in this space and uncover newer cutting-edge alternatives.”


Recently, Jon sat down with us to tell us more about his businesses, how they work together to improve people’s lives, and what drives him to continue to innovate.


Let’s begin with BioXstem. Can you share a bit more?


BioXstem is a true biotech company, and through innovation, we develop and distribute HCT/P’s. I have two other partners and a team of 30 reps, nationwide. In addition to providing new cutting-edge products safely and compliantly, we strive to bridge the gap between science and medicine and help educate physicians on the possible benefits of these products.


At BioXstem, our aim is to offer alternative solutions and direct access to the latest cutting-edge products and services and believe that through research, we can help others benefit from the best that medicine has to offer. We work only with labs of the highest quality that are AATB Accredited, GMP Certified and follow FDA guidelines.


What is unique about Stacks Nootropics?


Stacks Nootropics is a company that I helped co-found to promote brain health. It’s widely overlooked despite being vital to our longevity and wellbeing. The STACKS formula was designed to increase and balance creativity and focus, energy, and calm to support true productivity. It offers both instant enhancements and long-term neuroprotective benefits for your brain.  It’s BSCG certified, 100% organic, and used by some of the top athletes in professional sports.


Let’s turn to Ageless Biotech. Can you share some of the exciting developments you’re working on?


This is where our clinical trials are housed, and it was created to help bring stem cell-based therapeutics to the market. We have acquired an FDA-accepted phase IIb study that targets moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Through our partnership with a team of 28 top research and development professionals, we hope to prove the regenerative properties of the Ageless Biotech SVF product and demonstrate its safety and the minimal downtime patients will experience. We aim to replace millions of annual knee surgeries with one simple knee injection and hope this technology will eventually be licensed to physicians for distribution, and we’re also exploring “off the shelf” HLA-type compliant options. It’s a proud moment for us to have one of the first of its kind in the osteoarthritis space.


Tell us more about the objective of ASC Medical Group.


ASC is about helping successful healthcare focused businesses hyper scale and add locations across the country by providing 100% of the development and equipment costs to build medical centers and allow healthcare professionals to scale their practice, surgery center, hospital, or specialty service.


What do you enjoy most about your work, Jon?


It’s so rewarding to know that the types of products we work on are improving the lives of so many people through minimally invasive procedures. We are literally helping people live their best lives at the cellular level. Working with top scientists and laboratories to develop products that utilize the body’s innate ability to heal itself is my driving force.



Jon Youngs

Co-Founder/Managing Partner — BioXstem LLC





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