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Joseph Curcio


Joseph Curcio, a marine engineer and business manager with over 20 years of experience, is president and founder of Robotic Marine Systems, LLC ( Maribotics specializes in the design, development, operation, and service of autonomous and robotic vehicles and systems for marine environments. They provide consulting, design, and fabrication services, while also offering a range of robotic marine vehicles for purchase. Current projects include advanced aquaculture technology, persistent autonomous monitoring, and novel energy harvesting systems.

In 2017, Joseph founded the company to address the lack of affordable marine robotics solutions available in the market. With the demand for these technologies growing, Joseph saw an unmet need in the industry. Today, as the oceans face increasing pollution, overfishing, and degradation, autonomous marine robots are needed more than ever to help restore the balance.

Joseph graduated from MIT with two master’s degrees in marine engineering and ocean systems management. His experience includes several years as engineer, sailing classic yachts such as the J Class Endeavour and Shamrock V, two older America’s Cup contenders. Additionally, he has served as chief scientist, running Navy-sponsored research, where he operated fleets of unmanned underwater and surface vehicles.

As a visionary leader, Joseph is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world by creating technologies that help maintain a healthy planet. With his company at the forefront of affordable marine robotics development, Joseph is working to ensure that more low-cost, dependable marine systems are available to address the pressing issues facing our oceans today. 


Joseph Curcio
Robotic Marine Systems


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