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Josh Case
CEO of Panorama Holding Company and Co-Founder and Board Member of Energy Capital Group, as well as Advisor to Powertechs.


In the landscape of renewable energy, few names shine as brightly as Josh Case. Wearing multiple hats, Josh is a co-founder and board member of Energy Capital Group, CEO and founder of Panorama Holding Company (PHC) and Panorama Company (PC), an advisor to Powertechs, and holds a prominent position on the board of governors of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce (SLCCC). With 100% ownership of both Panorama companies, and a significant stake in Energy Capital Group, Josh's impact on the energy sector is undeniable.


Over the past two decades, Josh has cultivated a rich tapestry of experiences spanning solar development, real estate, and finance. His expertise is not just limited to a single renewable source; Josh has been a vanguard in various sectors, including solar energy, wind energy, battery storage, and green hydrogen. His forward-thinking led to securing land and interconnections near multiple coal plants for renewable projects, anticipating the needs of the industry's future. This visionary approach leveraged existing transmission infrastructure, priming the industry for the eventual phase-out of coal generation. Moreover, his ability to spot opportunities in states traditionally deemed 'solar-unfriendly' showcases his knack for strategic foresight.

Throughout his illustrious career, Josh's association with some of the world's largest independent power producers has bolstered his reputation. Notable stints include his role as the former VP of Greenfield Development at ENGIE North America, and as the CEO and co-founder of Photosol US Renewable Energy (PURE). His associations with powerhouses like Tenaska, EDF Renewables, D.E. Shaw (DESRI), and BNP Paribas speak volumes about his credibility in the field. Yet, amidst his contributions to renewable energy, Josh's commitment to social impact is equally commendable. His advisory role at Powertechs underscores his dedication to addressing the energy industry's human side, particularly in transitioning coal industry employees into the booming renewable sector.


Personal challenges, such as his recent journey towards sobriety, have only fortified Josh's resolve. As he embarks on this new chapter, his favorite saying rings especially true: “You don’t know how empty you are until you start to fill up.” That said, Josh has reentered rehab due to a relapse and realizes he is in for the fight for his life. He understands there is no simple fix for addiction—it’s a lifelong journey and until he fixes himself, he cannot help other people. All the business success is secondary to his sobriety.


Educationally, Josh continues to evolve. While already holding degrees in geography and business management from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix, he's currently deepening his expertise at UCLA's Department of Engineering and Digital Technology Leadership Mastery Program.


Josh’s contributions haven't gone unnoticed. Accolades such as the Green Business Award from Utah Business, Forty Under 40 recognition by Utah Business Magazine, and multiple mentions among the Top 50 Financial Advisors by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, serve as testaments to his prowess. Through his numerous publications, Josh also enlightens the industry. Pieces like Solar Firm Buying Land Rights Near Coal Plants with an Eye Toward Transmission and others further his commitment to a cleaner, sustainable future.


In essence, Josh Case stands as a beacon in the renewable energy domain, powering forward with innovation, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to a greener tomorrow.


A Q&A with Josh:


You are clearly an authority on solar and renewable energy. Was this always a passion?


I began in finance in 2002 and transitioned to Merrill Lynch by 2009. It was here that I was introduced to renewable energy projects and their financing, and when I realized it was the future. In 2011, I co-founded Energy Capital Group and spearheaded Utah Solar 1. I was among the first to position solar projects adjacent to coal plants, to repurpose the existing infrastructure for green energy. I also ventured into regions not initially seen as solar-friendly, predicting eventual shifts that we're witnessing today. I enjoy finding opportunities before others and patiently waiting for those moves to play out like we are now seeing.


While you lead three extraordinarily successful companies in the renewable energy space, you’re also lending your expertise to help drive the entire industry forward and help people transfer their skills in coal plants to green technologies positions. Tell us about this and why it’s important to you?


With the decline of coal plants, many skilled workers face uncertainty. Through Powertechs, we're developing AI tools to transition these skills to the renewable sector. These plants have been the backbone of many rural economies, and the switch to renewables can replace the lost tax base and offer new job opportunities. I believe in supporting these dedicated workers; they've powered our lives for years.


As you help to transform communities and the environment, you’ve also experienced a personal transformation recently. Would you like to share that with us?


Recently, I sought help for my long-standing issues with alcoholism and burnout. Undertaking rehab at Cirque Lodge made a huge impact, but I realized that I was not at the stage in my recovery where I wanted to be, so I returned to the program. Having a full understanding of addiction is essential and I want to do everything in my power to ensure my life embodies every aspect of what sobriety entails. I also want to help others with addiction problems like so many are helping me.


What words of wisdom would you give to your younger self and/or young, aspiring leaders out there?


Live authentically. Seek help when needed, prioritize relationships, and cherish life's moments. Success is multifaceted, and it's essential to be present in all of life's experiences. Finding your purpose in life is key, I believe. Also, recognize if you have an addiction problem, do not be afraid to seek help as soon as possible, and do not let decades slip away like I have done.


As you embark on this new chapter of your life and career, what’s on the horizon?


My primary focus is on self-care and healing, being there for my children, as well as mending and reestablishing relationships I have damaged. Professionally, I'm taking a measured approach, currently advising Powertechs and considering a full-time return in 2024. Whether I venture into a startup again or join a large energy firm is still up in the air. Regardless, mentoring the next generation remains a passion. My new purpose in life, I have found, will involve helping other successful people with their addiction issues because I can relate to that, but first I must get myself into a position to do that. I believe aiding those people will help me just as much, or more, than them in my lifelong sobriety challenge.



Josh Case
CEO of Panorama Holding Company
Co-Founder and Board Member of Energy Capital Group
Advisor to Powertechs

Instagram: @jcase31
Twitter: @joshcase

Website: PowerTechs — Repurposing Workforce for a Renewable Energy Future

Website: SXSW PanelPicker®

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