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Josh Kirschbaum


When a business wants to accelerate its performance, whether it’s navigating business stressful circumstances or wanting to break out of stagnation and get to the next level, they call Josh Kirschbaum. To his clients, Josh is a true leader and a hands-on operating partner who strongly collaborates with management teams, founders/owners, investors to accelerate cash flow, value creation, and financial growth of businesses large and small, public and private so that they can become the best version of themselves —and learn practices that will keep them sustaining and thriving for years to come, and, if desired, to sell for a high enterprise value and be acquired quickly. “My job is to help companies accelerate performance and maximize value, enabling them to realize their full potential quickly,” he says.

As CEO and founder of JAK Global, LLC, Josh partners with existing company management teams and key stakeholders and provides operating partner and C-suite services, and can even take on the role of interim CEO of client companies, where he leads their transformation and acceleration, to drive growth and profitability on both commercial and operational fronts. With equal parts business acumen and supportive leadership skills, Josh is able to lead people within companies to exceed even their own expectations, rallies them behind the company’s vision, and knows how to bring out the best in everyone to put them on a new path to success. He’s also known for his speed, taking on a considerable amount of work and delivering results quickly. Josh’s prior experience includes roles as CEO of World Wide Packaging (WWP Beauty), CEO of Mrs. Fields Cookies, and TCBY (Famous Brands), both highly complex, global companies.

Today, Josh’s clients include major companies looking to evolve beyond their current capacities. One is cosmetics giant Revlon, where he supports their operational transformation into bigger and better skies, and has worked alongside leadership at many of their facilities. He’s also partnered with founder-owned-and-operated Designer Greetings, one of the largest greeting card and personal expression companies, helping them take their business to the next level.

For Josh, turning a challenge into an opportunity is what inspires him every day. “There are always challenges, but it takes leadership, a strategic plan, passion and teamwork to create something incredible,” he says.


Josh Kirschbaum

Founder & CEO — JAK Global, LLC



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