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Julie Reby Waas

Art called to Julie Reby Waas long before she can remember, flowing first as primitive doodles from a child’s imagination, then as abstract drawings that adorned her sixth-grade homework papers as well as every paper and sketch book she could get her hands on. It took her through law school and nearly four decades as an attorney. In 2021, Julie’s passion burst wide open during one of the darkest periods in recent history, the COVID-19 pandemic, turning this once-upon-a-time doodler into an artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries in London, New York, Madrid, and her native Miami—in less than a year.


While her artistic ascent is breathtaking, Julie’s inspiration was born purely from a desire to bring joy into her life and the lives of others during the long isolating, stressful time. Her brightly colored geometric patterns and shapes were a welcome reprieve—in both form and meaning. “The designs serve as a way to bring order, harmony to my somewhat disordered life, you could say,” Julie explains. Three recurring symbols appear in her work—vines, Venn diagrams, and jigsaw puzzle-like designs—each coming to life through vibrant acrylic and oil paint pens, accented with watercolor paints. These symbols represent strength, friendship, connection, common ground, and fragments coming together to create a bigger picture, reflecting her belief that everything and everyone is interrelated in some way. Julie’s meditative patterning and bold colors come straight from her mind’s eye: “I call it intuitive art because it just comes out in my imagination—I grab a paint pen and go, and nothing else exists in the world, just me and my drawing.”


As a welcoming public adorns their homes with her original abstract artwork, prints, and merchandise through her website, Intuitive Abstract Art by Julie, she’s also been invited to exhibit in several virtual exhibitions and will be exhibiting at the Innsbruck International Contemporary Art Fair in Innsbruck, Austria, as well as at 2 galleries in Miami during Art Basel 2022. Julie also will be featured in Voices of Tomorrow Art Book in 2023 and has been selected to be awarded the Faces of Peace Art Prize by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. At the same time, she continues her work as assistant vice president and associate general counsel at Baptist Health South Florida (BHSF), deftly handling almost all areas of workplace law for South Florida’s largest health care system and its 26,000-plus employees. “I enjoy both art and law, and the balance brings me joy and fulfillment,” she says. And underlying it all is her belief in human interconnectedness, “When we come together in friendship and strength, we create a beautiful tapestry.”


Julie is represented by Agora Gallery in New York City and Monat Gallery in Madrid, Spain, and has also been featured in Disruptors Magazine’s Top 20 Disruptors.


Julie Reby Waas

Abstract Artist — Intuitive Abstract Art by Julie

Assistant Vice President & Associate General Counsel — Baptist Health South Florida





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