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Justin Caron


As a subscriber to the belief system that anything worth doing, is worth doing well, Justin Caron is a Canadian fintech innovator who’s leading the pack. With three separate brands under his belt, Justin enjoys sharing his knowledge and views success as a means to help others. It all started back in business school when an ironic revelation served to spark his entrepreneurial spirit. “I’ve always had an interest in the stock market and I’ve always liked solving puzzles, which is really how I see the stock market, only with the reward being money,” he states. “One day, I realized that you can go out and do things outside of what’s taught in school.”


Now, as he helms a triad of thriving ventures, Justin leverages a calculated combination of expertise and experience in his constant quest to change people’s lives. “I’d like to think of it as leading people to water, and trying to help them drink,” he states. Founded in 2018, Justin’s first venture, Blaze Capital, is a media company that provides investor awareness for public companies with a dedicated focus on small-cap Canadian securities. The Vancouver-based business was the catalyst for The Algo, which is the spinoff he launched just two years later. With a customer base sourced through YouTube, the company provides premium stock and options flow. “It’s something that’s really never existed before, and doesn’t exist anywhere else,” he shares. “We have an extensive network and community throughout the world.”


As someone who’s been trading stocks for 14 years, Justin admits that his early days were not without their challenges. “I was actually unsuccessful for the first five years, but through that experience, I learned a lot through trial and error, and now I’m able to offer people the opportunity to learn and benefit from my mistakes.” Over the years, Justin learned efficient and inefficient market trading tactics, which he now shares with the world through his YouTube Channel, “Stocks Today with Justin.” He’s been featured in Globe and Mail and has built a career on helping others be successful. “You can overcome any problems, as long as you choose to do it,” he states. “What I really enjoy is being able to help people help themselves.”


Justin Caron

Founder & CEO — The Algo and Blaze Capital



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