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Karamjit appears in the Top 100
People in Finance and the Top 100 Canadian Professionals m

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Karamjit Chana

With the mission of “bringing the sweetness of crypto by building utility tokens available to more than 100 countries within five years,” MuffinPay is out to change the game. Cofounded by Karamjit Chana, the company has been in the fintech space since 2014, building digital wallets for emerging nations where people can quickly pay their bills. “There’s so much bitterness around crypto, and we’ve certainly witnessed the purposeless token with no value,” she states. “We wanted to build a crypto token with a purpose, where global financial inclusion and adoption could actually happen.” Offering a wide range of financial payment services leveraged and consumed by their native token MuffinCoin, the company has enabled over 30,000 biller integrations. “It’s our first regulated crypto neo bank backed by a European MiCA-VASP license integrated with bill payment services,” Karamjit explains. It also allows immigrants who reside outside of their native countries to pay bills for their families worldwide. “Many people still don’t have adequate access to banking and financial services, and we want to help solve this with our utility token,” she states.


Accessible online and available for download through the Apple and Android app stores, with planned availability in all 30 EEA countries, MuffinPay strives to create a seamless experience for the myriad users it serves. Customers can buy and hold MuffinCoin for trading with other crypto assets, or use it for various services including credits, micro loans, bill payments, and rewards like fixed deposits at high yields. Featuring a unique messenger product developed over WhatsApp, the platform combines fintech with crypto to create a whole new user experience that offers rewards to consumers and merchants alike. With plans to enable MuffinPay Visa cards, consumers will also be able to use the crypto asset like cash without shifting to another app or having to make a conversion. Driven by a deep-rooted passion for innovation, the company is leading the way into tomorrow  with its unique product offering built for the future. “We believe global crypto adoption and regulation will happen by 2024,” Karamjit states. “We’re bringing on the revolution with technology that was innovated to be utilized across numerous countries seamlessly, making it even easier to transfer payments.”


Karamjit Chana

Head of Operations — Exioms Canada
COO — ThinkChain
Co-Founder — MuffinPay and SmileCrypto



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