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Kareem Mahmoud


The journey of a company founder is equally as difficult as it is rewarding. And creating a successful, thriving business from a passion and vision is no easy task. Yet, our nation is full of bold leaders that take on the challenge every day of building a better world – for themselves, their employees, and their communities. The end of the journey can be as complicated as the beginning. How do founders and owners eventually step away from their business while preserving its unique culture and legacy?

Kareem Mahmoud is the founder of Montera Investment Group, a mission-driven holding company focused on solving this dilemma for founders. They aim to give founders seamless and straightforward exits from their business while honoring the founder’s legacy and carrying on the culture for future generations. “Our mission is to build a family of great companies where all employees prosper and have great jobs. Our process is seamless for founders looking to sell, and we work hard to make the decision as easy as possible for them,” Kareem said.


Kareem has spent his career working with founders, and it was with great care and intention that he crafted the identity of Montera to reflect a genuine respect for the founders with whom they partner. What’s more, with the strategic resources, collaborations, and capital that they bring to the table, Montera is able to lift their acquisitions to the next level, growing the business while staying true to the founder’s core values, which is summed up in their motto, “Great companies are great people.”



Kareem Mahmoud

Founder & CEO — Montera Investment Group



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