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Karen Gilhooly

Karen Gilhooly, the founder and managing partner of True North Collaboration LLC, boasts over 25 years of experience in enhancing client outcomes through a focus on the "people side" of business transformation. Having coached over 1,500 individuals in developing their personal brands and leading corporate promotion programs, Karen's expertise lies in empowering individuals, especially women, to achieve professional advancement.

Throughout her career, Karen has been at the forefront of customer-facing roles, whether as a manager, contributor, executive leader, or sponsor. Her extensive experience in financial services, global transaction banking, fintech, and PE/VC backed companies equips her with a nuanced understanding of organizational dynamics.

True to her nature, Karen thrives in transformative, chaotic environments, where she excels at steering organizations from disengagement to high-energy productivity. Her passion lies in helping teams and organizations transition towards becoming highly engaged and dynamic entities.

True North Collaboration, Karen's brainchild, is a consulting firm dedicated to enhancing employee engagement and team performance. Through a tailored suite of business transformation tools, including problem solving forums and growth mindset workshops, True North Collaboration assists organizations in finding their true north.

Karen's inspiration for founding True North Collaboration stems from her belief that everyone deserves to find happiness in their work. With a mission to combat workplace disengagement, Karen envisions a world where work is fulfilling and contributes to happier societies and families.

In essence, Karen's journey exemplifies a dedication to improving workplace culture and driving meaningful change, one organization at a time.


Karen Gilhooly
Founder and Managing Partner
True North Collaboration LLC

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