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Karm Panesar

Karm Panesar is a lifelong entrepreneur who dove into the world of accounting straight out of high school and at just 18 years old opened his first business—one of many successful ventures over the past 15 years.  As the founder & CEO of Westgroup Financial Management Inc.,  a wealth management and financial planning firm, he is passionate about helping businesses and families achieve their financial goals. He adds tremendous value through his uniquely diverse experience and specialization in detailed accounting finding the best solutions to meet his clients’ needs and change their financial paths for a better future. As the leader of a company with a 50-percent growth rate year-over-year, his record of success continues—and he’s bringing his clients with him.

Karm founded Westgroup Financial Management in 2018 in South Surrey, British Columbia, as a firm specializing in the universe of financial planning and wealth management services, including investment planning, retirement, health insurance planning, estate and tax planning, as well as accounting services. Through its offices in Vancouver, South Surrey, and Langley, he and his team of financial experts are committed to ensuring their clients’ success through a calculated strategy built on honesty and integrity. Karm officially entered the financial industry in 2017, with an extensive corporate accounting and tax planning background already in place, proven through a successful career as a business owner and business executive—a record that instills a higher level of trust in his clients.

Long before Westgroup Financial was even a glimmer in his eye, Karm launched his first entrepreneurial venture, Global Earthworks Ltd, an excavation and construction business, in 2005, and grew it from nothing to 40 employees. He followed this with six other successful companies—all built from scratch—including Global Earthworks Group, a property development and real estate firm, and today, he still leads the thriving Global Earthworks. For each of them, he managed all the accounting and corporate structures, building them into flourishing businesses. He brought to bear his extensive business experience to found Westgroup Financial Management, where he now helps other businesses structure corporations and helps families ensure their financial futures by developing and implementing a key business process to support their goals.

Karm is a member of ADVOCIS, Financial Advisors Association of Canada, which is the largest voluntary professional membership association of financial advisors in Canada. In his tireless quest for knowledge and insight, he is currently completing his CFP to support his mission to provide his clients with the best solutions to drive their goals in the ever-changing world of financial planning. He has also completed the real estate training course at UBC Sauder School of Business.



Karm Panesar

Founder & CEO — Westgroup Financial Management Inc.

Suite 210 - 2411 160 Street

South Surrey, BC, V3Z 0C8



Facebook: Karm Panesar; Westgroup Financial Management

Instagram: Westgroup_Financial_Management

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