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Kedar Ismail, Esq.

“It is paramount that we should leave individuals better than when we found them.” This is the personal credo that has guided Kedar K. Ismail his entire career as an award-winning trial lawyer with national recognition for his courtroom victories in the state of Massachusetts. It is also the unwavering philosophy that serves as a pillar of his namesake boutique firm, Law Offices of Kedar K. Ismail. He founded the practice in Springfield in 2018, and with his long-established reputation preceding him, the firm quickly became a highly sought-after legal resource for people across the state. Kedar focuses on criminal defense, civil rights, personal injury, and sports and entertainment law, counting among his clients a growing roster of professional athletes. He is a savvy legal strategist with a talent for designing novel solutions and an indomitable force in the courtroom—a powerful combination for which he is known by his clients and feared by his adversaries. It’s all driven by his deep-seated passion for delivering justice for the people he serves. “When you come to my office, you come to fight,” he says. And he means it.

Kedar knows adversity; he’s lived it. Though he’s a celebrated attorney who previously served as senior representative for Bloomberg Law and as senior law clerk for renowned attorney Joe Smith III, Kedar reflects the modesty of his humble beginnings as an underprivileged youth who called the urban neighborhoods of Elizabeth his home. It is precisely his authenticity and genuine character that allow him to connect with people from all walks of life, analyze issues unconventionally to devise winning strategies, and capture the hearts and minds of juries. “Because of my background, I can connect with jurors in a way that other attorneys can’t, so they can really relate to me and, therefore, my client, on a human level, and we form a bond for those hours or days that we’re together in the courtroom,” he explains.

As Kedar works to guide his clients to successful outcomes, he’s ever aware of the significant impact that mentoring and aspirational modeling played in his own success, and he’s been committed to doing the same for youths in urban neighborhoods across the communities in which he has resided. In recognition of his outreach and volunteerism efforts, he’s received multiple awards. “It was really fate that led me here,” he shares. “I was given a second chance when I was young, so I’m committed to helping give other adolescents a second chance for a brighter future. That’s the most rewarding part of my work.”

Kedar attended Hampton University, Kean University, Western England University School of Law, and University of Miami School of Law. He’s been named to the Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities, The National Society of Leadership and Success, and the National Honor Society, among other nationally recognized achievement boards.

Kedar Ismail, Esq.

Owner & Attorney — The Law Offices of Kedar K. Ismail

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