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Kevin Kimery

Kevin Kimery has been in finance since he was just 17 years old. His skill and commitment to his clients throughout his decades-long career have earned him awards and accolades such as Top Financial Advisor in 2009, Five Star Wealth Manager by Memphis Magazine seven years in a row, and honors from The American Registry, Wealth & Finance International, and Barron’s. And it all began from a very personal place. After the early loss of his father, Kevin was allowed to invest a small sum, which ended up leading to a job in the mail room at EF Hutton. While there, he worked his way up into operations, all the while earning his BA in business administration from the University of Memphis. After graduating, getting into technology, and getting married in 1988, he started attending night classes to further his education, before being accepted into Vanderbilt University to earn his MBA. After getting his master’s, Kevin worked at a variety of large companies, including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. During his time at these places, Kevin learned an immense amount about wealth management, private equity, operations, and investing from both sides of the table. Finally, after his tenure with Morgan Stanley, Kevin started his own firm in 2017, starting Kimery Wealth Management in Memphis, Tennessee. “I wanted to keep the client’s interest first and wanted my practice to have a holistic approach,” he says.


Kevin takes a personal approach to each client, sitting down with them and learning about their situation, concerns, and goals. “It is a simple process of getting to know each other and drawing the financial blueprint for their plan.” While he still works with high-net-worth clients like he did at Goldman Sachs, Kevin spends time with all clients of the firm regardless of size, and gives any client, regardless of net worth, the same financial care—organizing documents, setting up trusts, liaising with attorneys and clients, and making sure everything is executed according to the client’s wishes and needs. Having experienced his own loss at an early age, Kevin knows that having financial matters in order is a huge relief when dealing with the stress of someone’s passing. He also has 25 years of private equity experience, so he can bring this experience to a retail investor, which they would not normally otherwise have access to. In addition, Kevin is a student of behavioral finance, an emerging field that examines the psychological aspects of financial habits and behaviors. He talks to clients about these habits to best understand their tendencies and how to build a strategy that works for them and allows them to best participate in the market. And with all his years of experience, there are few scenarios Kevin hasn’t seen.


Kevin is a servant leader for his clients and community alike. He has been, and continues to be, involved in several nonprofit organizations that would include The Vanderbilt School of Business, the board of directors for Southern Reins, Memphis Zoo, Memphis Botanical Gardens, Hope House, Exceptional Foundation, Carnival Memphis, The Vanderbilt School of Business, and the University of Memphis Fogelman College of Business, and when it comes to his team, he is passionate that they have the same attention to detail and care for clients that he has. “If you don’t have a servant’s heart for your clients, vendors, and team, then you’re not a good fit,” he says. And clients appreciate having a team working both for and with them on their finances, and who never give up no matter the challenges. In fact, Kevin’s motto, coined by Winston Churchill, reflects his dedication: “Never, never, never give up.”


Kevin Kimery

President & CEO — Kimery Wealth Management


LinkedIn: Kevin Kimery

Facebook: Kimery Wealth Management

Instagram: @kimerywealth

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