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Kinga Vajda

In the heart of Austin, Texas, a shining exemplar of transformative guidance emerges: Kinga Vajda, a woman whose name resonates with purpose and whose journey embodies the very essence of turning dreams into reality.

Kinga is the founder of Execute Your Intentions, LLC, a strategic advisor and coaching service that empowers individuals to master the intricacies of self-organizing behaviors, systems thinking, and business strategy through proactive innovation, strategic foresight, and actionable education. Their unwavering mission is to guide leaders in aligning their vision with decisive action, thus catalyzing the creation of communities committed to driving positive change.

Born from a lineage of Hungarian immigrants and raised in the scenic landscapes of Vermont, Kinga's upbringing infused her with a unique perspective—one that sought out the disruptors, not those in the spotlight, but those humbly nestled within the fabric of society. It was this innate ability to recognize the quiet catalysts of change that set her on a path fueled by empathy, logic, and unwavering determination.


Kinga's narrative is one of resilience and adaptability, forged through years of navigating the intricacies of human nature while donning various hats in the service industry. From mastering the art of being true to oneself to honing the skill of walking up to a stranger with a warm smile, she’s learned the foundational elements of success and is compelled to share them.

Kinga's tenure in corporate America, immersed in project and program management, served as the crucible for her metamorphosis. As the only woman in many executive settings, she recognized the importance of sponsorship and mentorship, advocating for responsible ownership, diverse thought leadership, and the power of empathy in fostering cohesive teams. Her simmering desire, nurtured over years of observation and introspection, eventually propelled her to leap from the confines of corporate structures into the boundless realm of entrepreneurship.


As a strategic growth architect, Kinga's expertise lies in crafting blueprints for success, guiding leaders through the labyrinthine journey of business scaling with clarity and precision. Her agile methodology ensures adaptability amidst change, while her focus on innovation cultivates environments where creativity flourishes and inclusive mindsets thrive. Yet, perhaps Kinga's greatest strength lies in her ability to forge human connections, to serve as a compass guiding individuals and organizations towards their true north. Through shared experiences and transparent conversations, she fosters partnerships that transcend the transactional, inspiring collaborative solutions and pioneering new pathways forward.

We spoke with Kinga to learn more about her intriguing story and how it led her to found Execute Your Intentions.

Kinga, tell us a bit about your backstory. What inspired you to take the leap from executive to entrepreneur and start Execute Your Intentions?

Execute Your Intentions has been a passion project brewing within me for nearly a decade. The urgency for innovative leadership paradigms has never been greater. My drive to instigate tangible change, both internally and externally, influencing as many lives as possible, spurred me to make the leap. Drawing from my executive background in scaling businesses, systems thinking, and cultivating relationships, I recognized the need to champion courage, question conventions, and uphold personal convictions through responsible transformational strategies.

You’ve introduced a transformative approach to coaching and workshops. Tell us briefly about your programs, and who can benefit from them?


Our programs are tailored to guide individuals towards unparalleled levels of ownership and leadership authenticity. Recognizing that everyone is navigating their unique path from point A to B, I specialize in refining your starting point (A) and precisely charting the course towards your destination (B), while ensuring your purpose and values remain the guiding lights throughout the journey. With a diverse range of programs and tiers meticulously crafted to cater to professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike—ranging from corporate executives to innovation entrepreneurs, and from company to community leaders—we provide the necessary tools and strategies to not only achieve your goals but to ascend to the heights you aspire to, both personally and professionally.

You’re also working on an exciting new book. Can you share a few highlights with us?

In my forthcoming book, I delve deep into the foundational principles and philosophies that drive the success of my programs. This guide serves as an illuminating exploration of the transformative influence of systems thinking, scaling strategies, and relationship dynamics on effective leadership. Through a fusion of inspirational narratives, personal anecdotes, and actionable tactics and strategies, readers will witness firsthand the profound impact of aligning one's leadership ethos with their core values. By doing so, individuals can not only propel themselves towards success, but also create environments that foster collective achievement and growth. It is the updated relationship change management toolkit.

What do you consider some of your greatest professional accomplishments?

Looking back, I'm filled with a sense of awe at what I've accomplished. From spearheading a strategic transformation in a tech organization to pioneering a coaching culture, I've navigated complex challenges with resilience. However, founding Execute Your Intentions stands out as my proudest achievement. It symbolizes my commitment to innovative leadership and my unwavering dedication to diversity, creativity, and staying true to my core beliefs. Embracing the role of entrepreneur has allowed me to embrace my purpose fully, challenging the status quo and forging my own path with courage and conviction.

What is your dream for the future?

My ultimate goal is to revolutionize the landscape of leadership on a global scale. I envision a world where the term "Leadership Teams" carries profound significance—not just based on titles, but on character, values, vision, and a commitment to leading with integrity and strategic foresight. These leaders are chosen for their ability to think critically, solve problems, and inspire trust through conscious alignment with their core beliefs. It's about fostering a culture where trust is earned through transparent actions and clear alignment, rather than blind faith.

Kinga Vajda
Execute Your Intentions, LLC


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