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Kyle Bentley

In the city of Greeley, Colorado, there exists a dynamic force driving innovation and excellence in the world of fabrication and oil field services. Meet Kyle Bentley, the resourceful leader at the helm of Bentley Welding Inc., a company that has been shaping the industry since its inception in June 2014.


As the owner and president of BWI, Kyle's responsibilities extend far beyond the boardroom. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for perfection, he oversees every facet of the business, leaving no stone unturned. His collaborative spirit is reflected in his close coordination with the COO and CFO, ensuring that the company operates like a well-oiled machine.


BWI's journey began as a small but ambitious venture, and in a relatively short span, it has grown into a major player in its sector. The company specializes in fabricating ASME vessels, handling complex process piping, and executing structural steel projects with unmatched precision. In essence, they are a one-stop shop for anything that requires welding expertise. What sets BWI apart however, is not just their skilled workforce, but their impressive fleet of professional welding trucks, flatbeds, and other construction vehicles. These resources are invaluable in assisting clients in completing their projects efficiently and effectively. And, while oil and gas exploration companies form a significant part of BWI's client base, their reach extends far beyond that. The company proudly serves clients across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, green energy, and power generation. Their diverse portfolio reflects their adaptability and commitment to meeting the unique needs of each client, no matter the sector.


The Top 100 Magazine wanted to delve deeper into Kyle’s world and in this Q&A session, we'll explore the challenges they've faced, their vision for the future, and the secrets behind their success.


Kyle, what sets BWI apart from other companies in your industry and makes you truly unique?


What truly sets BWI apart is the trifecta of our extensive service range, unparalleled flexibility, and decades of invaluable experience. Unlike many competitors who specialize in just a limited number of products or services, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive spectrum. From the moment a project is conceptualized, we take the reins, providing end-to-end solutions. We assist in the design phase, ensure meticulous fabrication, provide expert engineering input, manage the budget, oversee construction, apply finishing touches with precision painting, facilitate safe delivery to the field, and cap it all off with seamless installation. In essence, we are a dynamic one-stop shop. Clients simply share their vision with us, and we transform it into reality. Our commitment to providing this all-inclusive service makes us not just a preferred choice, but the ultimate partner for turning visions into tangible success stories.

What inspired you to start BWI?


BWI's inception was born out of unexpected circumstances and financial necessity. In 2013, after moving my family to Colorado, I found myself in a predicament when the company I was working for dissolved due to ownership issues. With limited options, I decided to take the entrepreneurial leap. Starting with just one client (myself as the welder) and a few laborers, the journey began. Surprisingly, some former colleagues from my previous job were eager to join me, and their determination led to a pivotal moment. They convinced a customer to entrust us with their project, and on June 9th, 2014, BWI officially started with 19 employees, all of whom followed me from my previous workplace. At that time, I had only $3,000 in the bank and had no idea how I'd meet the first payroll of $70,000 due on Friday. Miraculously, we received payments from our initial invoices just in time, allowing us to cover the payroll. Since then, BWI has continued to grow steadily, and today we boast a team of approximately 65 employees and have successfully completed thousands of projects for our valued customers.


Could you share a particularly challenging or memorable project experience from your journey with BWI?


Absolutely, there have been numerous projects that have left a lasting impact on me. One that stands out took place in the early years of our company when we took on a substantial $7 million project for an oil and gas operator, involving the fabrication of 100 units. While we successfully delivered the project on time and within budget, it was an incredibly steep learning curve. Managing procurement, overseeing fabrication, and navigating the intricacies of such a large-scale project were new challenges for me. I didn't have the privilege of a formal business education; my knowledge was forged through the trials and tribulations of real-world experience. I've learned from my mistakes, honed my skills, and gradually become the businessman I am today. It's a testament to the resilience and adaptability that BWI embodies as we continue to tackle complex projects and grow as a company.


What fuels your passion for your work, and what do you find most rewarding in it?


Initially, my family was the driving force, as I aimed to provide them with the best life possible. Now that we enjoy a comfortable life, it's the thrill of deal-making that motivates me. Negotiating agreements, overseeing projects from inception to fruition, and ensuring top-quality results for our clients are aspects I relish. The competition, both with myself and industry peers, adds a layer of excitement. On the community front, it's about sustaining 65 employees and their families while giving back. My involvement in the local school board, where I was elected in 2021, has deepened my sense of purpose. Contributing to fundraisers, supporting the community, and investing time in the school board remind me that there's more to life than financial gains.



Kyle Bentley
Bentley Welding Inc.


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