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Kyle J. Soukup


Kyle J. Soukup is on a mission to disrupt the status quo. His entrepreneurial spirit and marketing roots have given him a keen eye for opportunities for improvement, which is why, when he had an idea for a solution to mitigate the supply chain and logistics crisis in a post-pandemic America, he acted on it.  Starting with just an idea, Kyle and his co-founder, Alex Shiyan, created Trucker Recruiters: an innovative technology platform that’s changing the way the transportation and logistics industry does Class A driver recruitment. 


Trucker Recruiters, an online marketplace, pairs pre-qualified truck drivers with carriers who are ready to hire. The process is straightforward: carriers create an account and select their hiring criteria; drivers submit their application and qualifications; Trucker Recruiters performs all necessary verifications, including driving history, background checks, and more. When a driver’s qualifications match a carrier’s hiring requirements, both carrier and driver are notified. If both parties accept, then Trucker Recruiters facilitates an interview. Thanks to an intuitive platform, a strong marketing presence, and a true commitment to performing at the highest level, the company has grown from five to 75 employees in just over one year. What’s most rewarding for Kyle, though, is seeing his vision come to life in a way that improves the industry and helps people find jobs. When asked about the accomplishment of not only creating a brand, but an industry-disrupting technology solution, his response was, “We match great drivers with great carriers.  It’s that simple.”


Kyle J. Soukup

President & Co-Founder — Trucker Recruiters


Instagram: @truckerrecruiters  /  @ksouk

Facebook: truckerrecruiters   /   kyle.souk


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