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Lainie appears in the Top 100

Australian Professionals Magazine

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Lainie Tayler

Lainie Tayler is managing director and founder of HR Squad, a boutique leadership and talent solutions company based in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to helping businesses thrive with simple HR and best practices solutions. With 20 years of experience in leadership development, talent management, and human resources for large global and local organizations, Lainie is a global performance coach and a builder of talent who has worked for  some of Australia’s most influential organizations, including North Mining, adidas, GE, Country Road, Telstra, and Asciano. As the leader of a firm that specializes in performance coaching, Lainie is on a mission to help people achieve their personal and professional goals, driven by a philosophy that centers on building capable and engaging leaders and the motto “Getting the people stuff right.”

Lainie founded HR Squad four years ago, combining her extensive expertise and her passion for helping leaders unlock their potential to create performance-coaching programs and customized solutions designed for the specific goals and organizational strategies of each client. The program targets global executives and company talent pools, and the firm also partners  with other thought leaders on critical capabilities. HR Squad’s solutions are built around a three-layered model proven to nurture and accelerate individual development—leading self, leading others, and leading the organization. “We know that a people mindset is the biggest lever you can pull to ensure sustained financial and cultural success,” she explains. “Everyone has choices, and no one is going to manage and develop your career better than you. Don’t give those choices to someone else; they belong to you.”

Lainie has a bachelor’s degree in librarianship and human resources and a graduate diploma in coaching and executive coaching. She also holds Hogan Accreditation, LSI/GSI Accreditation, MBTI Accreditation, and Strengthscope Accreditation.

Download the magazine and see Lainie's feature on page 55.

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