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Landon Fielding

For many employees, the most desired offering by employers is their benefits programs, and in an era of the Great Recession, as companies everywhere struggle with retention and labor shortages, this has never been more important. Yet, when faced with myriad medical and benefits plans, HSA and FSA contribution options, employee benefits can be incredibly confusing. As a benefits consultant for a decade, Landon Fielding co-founded Brite in 2020 to simplify what he saw as an unnecessarily time-consuming and complicated exercise. Just over two years on the map, and the company already serves benefits brokers, insurance carriers, and employers across the country, totaling over 1 million eligible employees located in 2,500 cities all over the world. Add to that the fact that Brite is only the sixth company in Utah history to be accepted into Y Combinator, the largest VC-backed accelerator program in the world, and it’s difficult to call their success anything less than remarkable. With Brite’s innovative software, what once took a week for employees, takes a mere 10 minutes, and for companies, insurance brokers and carriers, the time to build out the benefits package education is slashed from six weeks to an hour.

“Over my career as a benefits consultant, I would strategize with employers about the benefits they should offer employees, and we’d implement innovative solutions aligned with company objectives,” Landon explains. “But those programs never saw the success they should have, because we didn’t have a way to help employees understand the value of those offerings. That’s why we created Brite.”

Brite's innovative software teaches employees about the benefits they have available through their employer, and then Brite’s algorithm produces personalized benefits recommendations, such as health insurance, pet insurance, FSA programs, identity theft, and other company perks. And just like that, Brite is simplifying the benefit selection and enrollment process, one click at a time.

“Brite has removed every hurdle for an employee to engage in benefits education! This is why we have seen the success we have. We are simplifying benefits for everyone.”

Landon Fielding

Co-Founder & COO — Brite



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