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Laszlo appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Laszlo A. Huszti


As a serial entrepreneur since age 17, Laszlo A. Huszti made his mark in various industries and sectors while developing a unique passion for capital markets. With a wealth of experience in technological innovation and the ability to transform personal challenges into sources of inspiration, Laszlo launched AIRISCAPITAL in 2021.

AIRISCAPITAL, aptly described as the intersection where “rocket science meets commerce” is a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind, blockchain investment bank specializing in capital markets by leveraging blockchain technology in the real estate, M&A, growth capital, and crypto derivatives markets. Since its inception, AIRIS has worked closely with regulators for its licenses. It operates as a mini, hyper-scalable version of a national exchange, complete with a functioning trading platform and custodial entity. AIRIS works with startups and established companies alike through its advisory arm, AIRISADVISORY, allowing it to raise capital for clients by issuing asset-backed security tokens.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Laszlo to delve deeper into the world of AIRIS, explore the inspiration behind its inception, and discuss how the company is revolutionizing the investment landscape.

Laszlo, it is a pleasure to have you here with us today! So, to start off, digital securities versus crypto: What’s the difference?

My Pleasure! We often say, “don’t call us crypto!”

The distinction lies in what backs the token. While cryptocurrencies lack tangible backing, digital security tokens represent asset-backed securities, providing increased stability and financial power. Their digital nature makes them theft-resistant and immutable, much like buying stocks, reducing fraud and other deceptive practices we see in the crypto realm. By utilizing smart contracts, we streamline processes, shortening capital raises from two years to as little as eight months. As such, we democratize the landscape, offering more opportunities to all stakeholders, particularly those who don’t have the resources to go the IPO or VC route.

Your personal challenges have inspired who you are today. Could you briefly describe how those experiences have shaped your professional journey?

In late 2020, my wife was hospitalized due to complications from chemotherapy. Subsequently, she ended up in the ICU, where we both contracted COVID. Although discharged, she was readmitted nine days later. We were then both hospitalized. Unfortunately, my wife did not respond to the treatment and subsequently passed away, while I continued treatment in intensive care for 21 days. Once discharged, I had to relearn many of the tasks we take for granted, like walking and basic motor functions, alone for the first time in 30 years. 

I was committed to honoring her memory by taking a new context on life and prioritizing self-improvement and fulfilling my business aspirations. Through dedication to nutrition and exercise, I lost 165 pounds, reversed my type II diabetes, and liberated myself from daily prescription medication. This new outlook led me to relocate to a 36th-floor condo, where I saw trillions of dollars in new  construction surrounding me. I remember wondering, “is there a better way to fund all this development?” This was the seed that ultimately inspired the idea for AIRIS.


Seeing how you’ve turned your life around after such challenging experiences is truly inspiring. With AIRIS born out of this transformative period, can you tell us about the inspiration behind its unique design and branding?

The “AI” in our name comes from artificial intelligence, which is deeply rooted in our DNA and embedded into each one of our sub-brands. The iris inspired the rest. I’ve been legally blind since birth due to retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), but I never let it hold me back. Still, I faced limitations when it came to visual information processing. While exploring visualization technology, I discovered stacked radial bar graphs employed in quantum mechanics. I could rapidly visualize millions of data points within seconds by superimposing a heat map. This innovation, known as the Iris Graph, bears a striking resemblance to the human eye! The heat map added a contextual dimension to the data, making it instantly actionable. The AIRIS BRANDS pay homage to this innovation and are divided into eight segments, collectively making up the AIRIS medallion, which by extension, represents the original eight core entities of AIRIS, each with its own unique colorway, respectively.

There’s always a story behind the name! How will digital securities help people?

Our innovative approach allows us to leverage Security Token Offerings (STOs) to raise capital, bypassing traditional Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or private equity. This opens up investment opportunities to a broader range of investors. Our digital platform generates funding for projects based on near-real-time metrics. Valuations are no longer soft, ambiguous, or open to interpretation; they are bulletproof, like a scale. Either you go up in weight, down, or stay the same. We end the debate on valuation once & for all, giving investors the data they need to make informed decisions without hesitation. We’re also dedicated to educating and empowering individuals in the complex world of digital securities and cryptocurrencies. To accomplish this, we’ve established AIRISINSTITUTE, offering self-paced, remote learning and classroom-led courses (through authorized partners, accredited colleges, and universities) that certify digital security and cryptocurrency analysts through our CDSA and CCA programs.

What drives you and your team to take on such a multifaceted mission?

Our team at AIRIS is genuinely exceptional, consisting of some of the most passionate, creative, and brilliant people on Earth. My vision for AIRIS is for it to be unparalleled in our industry, and by consistently prioritizing our clients’ needs, we can establish ourselves as a significant global contender. I take immense pride in introducing credibility, accountability, and transparency to Decentralized Finance. Blockchain technology will revolutionize the world even more than the internet itself. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we only do something if we can do it to the highest standard. We are the blockchain investment bank.


Laszlo A. Huszti




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