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Leo Moss


”As leaders, our role is not to just make our companies better, it’s to make the industry better.”

Chicago. Built by entrepreneurs, driven by ingenuity, grown with an uncommon brand of determination and passion, and sustained by the Midwestern attitude of “we’re all in this together.” It is the nucleus of international trade and commerce—and one of the most critical logistics and transportation hubs in the country. At the center of it all is one of the industry’s most respected and trusted authorities—Leo Moss, founder and CEO of Fruition Logistics, a full-service, third-party logistics company specializing in temperature-controlled LTL and FTL transportation, warehousing, and consolidation.

He’s a logistics expert, consultant, and advisor, an industry speaker and learned voice at DAT conventions—and the leader of a company whose reputation with both customers and carriers has seen the company grow to double itself every year. Underlying it all is a passionate entrepreneur who, in 2014, started an enterprise driven to transform the way business is done. In doing so, he’s forever changing the entire industry. “We are very aware that families across America are relying on all of us, and we’re working hard together to deliver for them,” Leo says.

Fruition Logistics

“We don’t view our job as merely moving cargo; we make America move.” – Leo Moss.

From their headquarters in Chicago, Fruition Logistics serves the entire U.S., with strong partnerships in regions across the country to facilitate the movement of freight from origin to destination. Specializing in temperature-controlled transportation for both full (FTL) and less-than-truckloads (LTL), they make sure every load arrives safely and on time. And their commitment extends far beyond the successful delivery of cargo, as does Leo’s vision for what a third-party logistics company should be.

“Since 72% of food in our grocery stores is brought by truck, we, as an industry, should ensure that our supply chain is as efficient as possible. My goal is to help people—shippers, carriers, businesses, and individual families.  I truly believe that we must care for each other in order for all of us to thrive,” Leo shares. “This is why I started Fruition Logistics and what drives me to do things differently.” The sincerity of his words rings in Fruition’s nearly decade-long reputation for exceptional service and personalized attention designed to increase efficiency and provide significant savings to their customers. They work closely with each of them to understand their individual needs—and stay by their side every mile of the way to ensure the safe transfer of cargo.

How the vision of a “better” logistics company grew to a mission to help an industry

“Logistics beats hard in my chest, and I knew there was a better way.” – Leo Moss

In late 2011, Leo was a warehouse manager in Las Vegas, NV, handling shipping and receiving procedures, controlling inventory, managing employees, and running daily warehouse operations. A former master sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces with a degree in communication and political studies, Leo hit the ground as proven leader skilled in logistics. A few years later, he moved to Chicago. It was there that his vision for Fruition was born. “Over my career, I saw drivers, vendors, customers being treated poorly, and seeing that day in and day out really changed something in me. You can do things differently,” he explains. Leo launched Fruition Logistics shortly thereafter. As their reputation quickly spread among both customers and carriers, they grew from a regional provider to the logistical epicenter for clients nationwide. Soon, logistics companies and business owners everywhere were turning to him for advice. And Leo was happy to help. Today, as Leo and Fruition continue to deliver on their unfaltering promise to those they serve, he’s also serving a much bigger mission—to lead the evolution of an industry that holds in its hands the very livelihood of an entire nation.

The Top 100 Magazine spoke with Leo to learn more about his views on what it means to be a leader in this critical industry, and his work to lift up other entrepreneurs, as an advisor and investor.

The Interview

Leo, while you lead a thriving logistics enterprise, you’re also helping other companies and the industry as a whole, as an advisor and a public speaker. Why is this important to you?

I believe that our job as leaders is not only to make our own companies better, but to make the industry better as a whole. We’re helping the logistics industry with software, technology integration, payment and accounting solutions and strategies. Our collaboration helps streamline processes from drivers to dispatchers to industry CFOs. When a process is streamlined, it makes the industry more efficient. It is imperative that we, as leaders, recognize the industry’s challenges, and collaborate to overcome them. The goal is to streamline processes and help the industry save time by providing resources and data. My objective is to better serve the market and the economy as a whole so that the supply chain can keep moving.

What excites you about working in the logistics industry?

I really enjoy working with clients, and I'm helping a handful of them--TruckPark, Relay Payments Solutions, DUKE.AI, Cinch Try, and others--matching technology with user needs by complementing it with past and present experiences. I also look forward to weekly meetings, where we work to improve new and existing products in all aspects of the logistics industry.  I know I’m making a difference because I experience it within my own business. Coming from the trenches on the broker side, I’m able to see the specific trends in the industry and relay information to the advisory board for them to make more informed decisions. As both a founder and an entrepreneur, I leverage my set of tools and experience, my own insight, and my network to help other businesses.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to business owners, Leo?

Look at your business from a bird’s-eye view; not just top to bottom, but from bottom to top. Engage, question, research existing and new processes, technology; dare to take a chance and talk to everyone you can in the industry. The more opinions you get, you start to realize which advice to take and try.


Leo Moss

Founder & CEO — Fruition Logistics

Chicago, IL



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