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Lina appears in the 2020

Top 100 Attorneys Magazine

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Lina Stillman

The epitome of a modern, business-savvy employment attorney, Lina Stillman has dedicated her entire legal career exclusively to the practice of labor and employment law. She holds vast experience in all areas of labor and employment including claims, defenses, strategies, and tactics utilized by the parties who participate in labor law cases. As the managing attorney of Stillman Legal P.C. located in New York City, Lina is passionate about fighting for the rights of underserved populations. Her mission is made evident by the practice’s motto: “We are the law firm for the working people.”


Since 2015, Stillman Legal P.C. has been serving clients throughout New York’s metropolitan area including the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.


In order to provide clients with the best service possible, Lina offers a wide range of employment advice, training, investigations and litigation. Subjects include discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, unpaid overtime and minimum wage.


Whether handling individual cases or litigating collective and action involving multiple plaintiffs, the Stillman Legal attorneys are successful due to their extensive experience in all aspects of employment law, from hiring, employment contracts, non-compete agreements to termination and separations agreements.


However, the firm specializes in wage and hour litigation as many workers continue to have their wages stolen by their employers despite the Federal Labor Standards Act and New York Labor Laws establishing minimum wage and overtime.


Lina and her team strive to maintain their mission of working for the people, no matter how much or how little money they have. As a result, their clients are given a choice regarding payment, and everyone abides by a contingent arrangement where the firm doesn’t receive payment unless the client does.

Before becoming an attorney, Lina worked producing television commercials but never experienced a sense of fulfillment. She eventually decided to enroll in law school because she saw there were few attorneys working on behalf of the Latino Community. Subsequently, Lina earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from Syracuse University; a master’s degree from Parsons School of Design; and a Juris Doctorate degree from Rutgers Law School. After becoming an attorney and fighting for people’s rights, Lina found fulfillment through helping others.


Outside of the firm, Lina serves as a board member for Mixteca Organization Inc., a community-based organization who works to empower Latin-American immigrants in New York. Located in Sunset Park, Mixteca offers a variety of programs and services that respond to the specific needs of immigrant families including health, education, and legal assistance. Lina regularly speaks at conferences, seminars, and training sessions on topics related to employment law. She is fluent in Spanish and Italian.




Lina Stillman

Managing Attorney

Stillman Legal P.C.

42 Broadway, 12th Floor

New York, New York 10004


Instagram:  ꟾ @luchaxtusderechos


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