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Long appears in the Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine


Long H. Doan

With over 27 years in the real estate industry, Long Doan has a proven track record as a successful broker with comprehensive experience in the lending, selling, marketing and management aspects of the business.


Long is a renowned real estate broker and the founder of the Realty Group, a full service brokerage based in Minnesota. He founded the Realty Group in 2009 and based his business goals on values that he learned from his family who fled Vietnam in the early 1980’s as the country fell under communist rule.


The son of two highly educated professionals, when he was only eight years old, Long’s father was taken away from his family and brought against his will to a reeducation camp in Vietnam. Despite the name, reeducation camps were actually prisons where inmates were forced to be “reeducated” with communist doctrine through torture, starvation and forced labor. Long’s mother struggled to raise her family alone and found it overwhelmingly difficult to continue to live under such oppression. At only 13 years old, Long escaped Vietnam as a “boat person”, initially spending a year at a Malaysian refugee camp before finally arriving in the United States under the sponsorship of an uncle who lived in Minnesota.


Following in his mother’s footsteps of working numerous jobs to support her family and never giving up, at 18 years old, Long worked three jobs to support himself and put himself through college while also supporting his younger brother who had eventually come to the U.S. He attended the University of Minnesota and studied electrical engineering and communications.


After college, Long began working as a mortgage broker and learned all aspects of the mortgage and lending industry. After spending 15 years on the mortgage side of the industry, Long made a successful transition into real estate sales and in 2009, he founded the Realty Group. In only four years’ time, Long closed more than 1,000 transactions. Today, Realty Group is one of the largest independent real estate firms in Minnesota, employing over 400 agents that serve the entire state (Please remove). In 2014, Long and his business partner, Mike Bernier, started Realty Group 2.0 with only 8 agents and the vision of being the broker they wish they had when they were agents. Today, Realty Group is the fastest growing real estate company and the largest independent real estate firm in Minnesota, with over 400 real estate professionals serving the entire state.


Long explains that the key to their business model is that they treat each agent as the CEO of their own company, providing coaching, support and the tools they need for success including training, marketing, compliance and the most innovative technology. He adds, “This is a rapidly changing industry – and we always want to stay ahead of it. Consumer behaviors are also changing. Our company attracts people who want to not just survive but grow their business. We are proud to say that our agents are averaging 104% increase in their business after joining us.”


Long explains that their goal is to help change people's lives by sticking to their three core beliefs: people want to feel safe, people want to feel connected and they want to have a shared future.


In addition to his professional accomplishments, Long and the team at the Realty Group have received numerous awards including being named The #1 Independently Owned Brokerage in Minnesota, Top 150 Largest Independent Brokers in America , Top 500 Brokerages in America and Top 1000 Power Brokers in America by Real Trends in 2019

Long H. Doan


Realty Group, Inc.

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