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Luis Laboy, Esq.


In the bustling legal landscape of New York, one name shines brightly—Luis Laboy, Esq., the CEO and founder of Laboy Law Group, P.C. Since its inception in April 2022, the firm has emerged as a leading legal establishment, championing the rights of its clients by providing adept representation through offices in Brooklyn and Queens.


The journey to law was serendipitous for Luis, who Initially contemplated a career in law enforcement. Upon deciding to become an attorney and briefly considering immigration law as a specialty, he realized that building lasting relationships and championing client rights was paramount to him; something that would be improbable in a personal injury practice. This yearning for real client connection led him to real estate law, where he could channel his skills to navigate intricate real estate transactions, empower tenants and defend individuals against debt collectors.


We spoke with Luis to learn more about his career journey and how he distinguishes himself within the uber-competitive legal landscape of New York City.


What inspired you to start your own practice?

Law firms today severely underpay younger attorneys, and it leaves us struggling to not only find our niche, but to be paid our worth based on our knowledge and experience. This made no sense to me. I wanted to be able to put my time and focus on serving people who really need me—my clients—not on internal office politics or financial issues.


What makes you unique among others who practice in the same field?


What I feel and what clients have told me is that I have a unique way to relate to them. I grew up in the Bronx in a working-class family of a diverse background. Due to my upbringing and background, I can empathize and be sensitive to individuals of different cultures and backgrounds.


What made you interested in law?


When I graduated from Mercy College, I was pursuing a career as a police officer. The desire to join the PD brought me to John Jay College because I wanted to be more educated about the job. I was taking law courses and becoming more interested in it. I thought it would be more rewarding to help people as an attorney rather than in a squad car.


Luis holds a bachelor's degree in music industry and technology from Mercy University, another in criminal justice from John Jay College, and a Juris Doctor degree from Touro University Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center.


Luis Laboy, Esq.
Laboy Law Group, P.C.


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