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Mahsa Ghavamian

When Mahsa Ghavamian started painting with her daughter, she assumed it would just be a hobby. But when she saw her then-seven-year-old daughter’s joy at her own blossoming artistic skill, Mahsa knew this was something more. “I thought, if we can do this together and have so much fun, why not create a space where everyone can do the same?” she says. So, in January 2019, Mahsa launched Canvas n Cup, leaving behind the comfort zones of the corporate and nonprofit sectors, where she’d worked for over two decades since graduate school. Today, that "space” stretches across the country and beyond bringing people together through virtual painting sessions, and the company has grown into an international art supply wholesaler.


Canvas n Cup, located in Westborough, Massachusetts, offers a variety of creative courses, including acrylic painting, ceramics, and more for artists of all ages. They run summer and after-school programs for kids, as well as company outings, parties, and events, and have hosted companies like Google, Facebook, and the Mayo Clinic. When the pandemic hit and businesses everywhere shuttered their doors, Mahsa refused to give in and abandon the artistic community. She launched virtual events to bring creativity and joy to people anytime, anywhere, during that difficult time, and teach them that creating art doesn’t require expensive materials. “When there was no canvas available anywhere, I taught people to paint on cardboard boxes via Zoom,” Mahsa says. “We had a blast!” They also hosted virtual events for universities like Harvard, MIT, and in-person events with over 400 participants at University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

After experiencing the supply shortages during the pandemic, Mahsa was inspired to break into wholesaling, offering artist-grade supplies to studios and individuals at a fraction of the retail cost. She even left painting kits on doorsteps during the pandemic so people could keep creating and held virtual painting sessions to keep people engaged and connected. “During COVID, many people threw in the towel, but I’m proud that I never did,” she says. “What kept me going was believing I was offering joy and comfort to families during hard times and seeing them enjoy themselves. I believe in doing good in the world.”


Mahsa Ghavamian

Founder & Owner —Canvas n Cups Arts and Crafts Center, LLC




Instagram: @canvasncup

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