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Manuel Morales


As an experienced scientist and leader in the field of artificial intelligence in banking and investment for the last 20 years, Manuel Morales has dedicated his career to creating value through data and machine learning. He’s spent the last decade collaborating with financial institutions on their digital transformation initiatives in the scientific realm. Currently, Manuel is an associate professor in the department of mathematics and statistics at the University of Montreal. After running the university’s master’s program in computational finance for five years, he launched the Fin-ML network in 2018. An important player in the Montreal innovation ecosystem, the technology transfer network leads several collaborative projects in the Canadian financial industry seeking to leverage data and machine learning to bring business value and insights. The network brings together research and students to work closely with industrial data-driven projects, having executed dozens of them to date. By assembling a team of internationally renowned researchers across Canada, remarkable support from major financial institutions, and notable backing from the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Fin-ML seeks to meet the modeling and implementation needs of the quantitative spectrum of the Canadian financial industry and contribute to its global competitiveness.


Manuel is also the founder of OCF Group, a venture building firm that partners with startups, mainly in the fintech space, to quickly leverage data and machine learning to enhance their value proposition. The company is devoted to helping enterprises grow and improve their business through artificial intelligence. Based on the belief that true success and sustainable growth can only be achieved through a combination of teamwork and innovation, OCF Group is the vision of a multidisciplinary team of motivated mathematicians, computer scientists, and entrepreneurs.  Prior to launching Fin-ML and OCF Group, Manuel served as the chief artificial intelligence scientist at the National Bank of Canada, where he led the scientific dimension of the company’s transformation initiative. “I’m driven by the fact that math and science, which are very theoretical elements, can generate deeper insights when combined with new data sources,” he states. “It makes the science real in the sense that it creates tangible value.”


Manuel has also appeared in Forbes.


Manuel Morales

Co-Founder — OCF Group

Co-Founder & Director — Fin-ML


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