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Dr. Marc A. Sweeney


Dr. Marc A. Sweeney is passionate about the power of education. He’s been involved with founding two colleges of pharmacy and held positions at three universities, including dean at the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy. As the founder and CEO of Profero Team, he utilizes over 25 years of experience in pharmacy education and program management to offer dispensary optimization services within employee benefits, physician practices, and health systems. Marc founded Profero Team in 2012 to tackle the problem of rising drug costs and their impact on company budgets, helping everyone, from brokers and consultants to hospitals and hospices, reduce drug costs and improve quality of care.


Profero Team, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is an innovative clinical pharmacy consulting company with expertise in pharmacy benefit consulting, benefit RFP management, prior authorizations, clinical pharmacy services, pharmacogenomics, nutrigenomics, palliative care, and pain management. They offer premium educational programs for health care professionals and human resources staff, with numerous consulting projects available upon request, always designed around client needs. “We have a unique team of people and skills that are unparalleled in the country, in this field and across the health care field, with a wealth of experience going beyond our training,” Marc says. To date, they’ve touched almost 3 million lives through formulary management, consulting services, and clinical pharmacy services, and delivered over 30% average pharmacy benefit savings.

With a strong understanding on how genetic makeup can affect medication response, Marc knows that the least expensive drug may not always be the right drug. “We work with employers and companies to reduce costs by getting the right set of preferred drugs at the best price, and when possible, advise the most appropriate drug based on each individual’s genetic profile,” he says. “Regardless of their issue with drugs or costs, we’re likely to be able to find a solution.”

Marc A. Sweeney received his B.S. in pharmacy from Ohio Northern University and Pharm.D. from The Ohio State University, completing a fellowship in academic leadership at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has certifications in pain management, pharmacogenomics, and medical affairs, has received over 30 awards and honors, and is the past president of the Ohio Pharmacist’s Association. He also has equity or leadership roles with several other innovative healthcare companies bringing better solutions to the market. 

Dr. Marc A. Sweeney

Founder & CEO — Profero Team



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