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Mark Decoux-Cozzi


If you were to ask Mark Decoux-Cozzi, owner of The Mascot Company, how to be successful in business, he would say it's quite simple: “Listen to what people want and deliver what you promised…and maybe just a little more!" he smiles. "Don't be greedy, be fair. The money will come. And, keep your ego out of it. Treat people with respect, regardless of their status or title."


THE Mascot Company creates high-performance, custom mascot costumes for clients all over the world. It started more than 20 years ago, when Mark left his former employer, now a competitor. When news broke that Mark had left, several former customers encouraged him to start his own company. At first, he wasn't confident it would be lucrative, so it became his side hustle. He ran the gamut of sales jobs in various industries. "I sold tradeshow displays, graphics, IT services, and radio ads. Nothing fit. Once I finally realized that I needed to be my own boss, I never looked back!”


Today, THE Mascot Company is a major player on the world stage, supplying mascot costumes to clients like Chicago Bears of the NFL, San Jose Sharks of the NHL, and even AS Roma in Italian professional soccer. "We have clients from Rome to Cairo and Airdrie to Esquimalt," Mark chuckles. "Professional sports, colleges, or elementary schools are all treated equally. They're all welcome in our mascot family!"


While Mark leads a thriving firm, for him, it’s not about the money. His focus remains squarely on the people he serves, and doing what is right for both clients and employees. Mark looks after sales, marketing, and operations. He attributes the company's success however, to their reputation for delivering very high-quality costumes at a fair price. Production manager, Jenn Emm, has been there from the beginning and largely deserves the credit for that. "Jenn has all the talent. I'm just the charming wit and good looks," Mark laughs. “I know my limitations. I empower my people to do what they do best. That has served me well."


Mark reflects upon the road he has traveled and says, "I'm grateful for the people, customers and employees alike, who have helped my company become a great success and I appreciate every day that we can work together.”


Mark has a BA in communications studies from the University of Calgary, speaks five languages, is a Level 1 Sommelier, and volunteers for Calgary Stampede and Calgary Flames Ambassadors.


Mark Decoux-Cozzi
President and CEO — The Mascot Company



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