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Mark Marxer

From Humble Beginnings to Multiple Empires: The Extraordinary Journey of Mark Marxer,
the Unifying Force in Finance, Sports, and Entertainment

He’s a difference-maker, a unifier, an artisan of change, a nurturer, a caretaker, a rebel, and a leader.

He built an empire from nothing—400-plus companies—and raised over $20 billion since 1994. He is one of the early pioneers of the alternative investment model, a respected authority in the finance arena, and the cofounder of four of the most credible firms in the nation: MMX Management, MMX Global Partners, MMX Sports and Entertainment, and MMX Wealth Partners.

While many so accomplished would describe themselves as a self-made man, he winces at the very suggestion. And while most leaders of his stature would not only crave but demand the spotlight to proclaim to the world their greatness, he seeks not praise, awards, or glory. His humility is almost hard to fathom, especially given his network that reads like the Who’s Who of sports, entertainment, finance, philanthropy, business. Yet it is refreshingly sincere.

Mark Marxer’s rise is all the more remarkable when you know his story. His is an inspirational tale for the ages—and it’s still being written.


From Food Stamps & Government Cheese to One of the Most Prolific Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders in the Nation

His story began on a rain-soaked gravel driveway in Eugene, Oregon. The hollow echo of a basketball as a young Mark dribbled through a rainy day—escaping only temporarily from the poverty, difficult family dynamic, and instability just on the other side of the screen door. It was a cadence of salvation, one that would resonate throughout his life and mark his journey from elementary school entrepreneur to a 12-year-old “man of the house” working odd jobs to support his mother and siblings after his father abandoned them. It was a responsibility Mark willingly shouldered as a high school athlete, fraternity president who helped reform the entire campus system, vice president of the student body at Oregon State University, and father of three the years that followed. Mark vividly recalls those slippery rocks: “Sports allowed me time away, to deal with things and process. It was a safe haven, a place to think and to heal, and a chance to reflect, prepare, refocus a realignment into a sense of community, strive to be a part of something,” he says. “A team is bigger than just one person; together, we are stronger and working towards common goals.”

When the turmoil of life weighed heavily on his mind, Mark would steal away to the movies or sporting events to escape into a different world. There, in the welcoming haven, strangers joined together in gasps, cheers, laughter, and muted anticipation. “I’ve witnessed throughout history that the ethos of sports and entertainment combined are two of the great equalizers that bring people together for a common goal and common good,” Mark says. This is precisely what he’s done his entire life—connecting and uniting people—building each of his businesses around assisting others through obtaining collective success.

As for those heroes of sports and entertainment, Mark is making sure they’re taken care of, just as they—unknowingly—took care of him and continue to lift up nations and cultures throughout humanity.

"The more I realized the unifying power of sports and entertainment transcending borders, ethnicities, politics, and religious beliefs, the more obvious my alignment became,” Mark explains. “With over 30 years in business, my ability to connect individuals, my sports background, and understanding everything from the game to the players to the owners who are our clients, and those who envision this future, I’ve pushed to create the narrative around interconnected companies that together can unite people in more ways than I ever imagined.”


This is MMX Management—A Culture of Intention

Launched in 2010 by Mark and cofounder Brian Leftwich, MMX Management, through its subsidiaries, MMX Global Partners, MMX Sports and Entertainment and MMX Wealth Management, is a preeminent business development, advisory, and capital raising firm, specializing in alternative investments. With offices in New York, Minneapolis, Boca Raton, and Palo Alto, MMX is dedicated to working with talented individuals, teams and innovators, advising them on their respective paths to proper business development, growth and risk management. With over 145 collective years of experience, MMX uses its extensive network of over 1,000 investor relationships and a boutique approach to create strategic, long-term partnerships that drive success.

MMX Sports and Entertainment’s goal is to educate, guide, and support athletes and entrepreneurs and to assist their growth and development, and maximize their impact and potential. Mark and his team strive to proliferate a culture of intention and execution in the minds of their clients that will launch and support success not only for their clients, but for all those connected to them (family, community, team, and business associates, and friends). “We empower our clients and partners with the tools and resources needed to make informed decisions about their careers, finances, and future endeavors that will enable them to reach their personal goals in whatever capacity they design,” Mark explains.

An Artisan of Change: Uniting the Might from Screen, Stage, Sports & Philanthropy to Change People’s Lives

Mark measures success not by metrics, but by the positive change he's made in the lives of others. That number is incalculable and still mounting. Now he’s assembled a growing powerhouse team from investment alternatives, investment banking, sports, entertainment, wealth management within a construct of business, and philanthropy pursuing a joint mission to make an impact that reverberates into brighter tomorrows for all. “It’s time to make a significant difference at another level and I have my foot on the gas for the foreseeable future. My next chapter is going to be my best and I’m focused on doing great things for others. With purpose, integrity and intention,” he shares.


Mark Marxer

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, MMX Management

Co-Founder & CEO, MMX Sports and Entertainment

Co-Founder & Managing Principal, MMX Wealth Partners



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