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Mark Robbins, J.D.

After graduating law school, Mark Robbins worked as a broker and vice president for a division of the largest commodity options firm in the U.S.  Following a decade spent in the volatile financial markets, Mark decided to put his people skills to better use by starting the hi-tech recruiting firm, Search Solutions, Inc., which placed more than 500 software professionals located throughout the U.S. between 1989 and 2001.


Mark Robbins’ career showcases his many talents, among them tenacity, which his clients consistently name as one of his most outstanding traits. A recent example of this is Mark’s commitment to a long-term client who struggled to find financing. After pursuing this for more than two years on the client’s behalf, Mark found an investor to fund the 400-unit ‘green energy’ townhouse development and the client is now in contract for development of the project.


As a result of the high-tech crash in 2001, Mark pivoted into the mortgage industry. He quickly demonstrated the skills required to handle complex real estate matters while employed by Bank of America and CTX Mortgage. In 2006, Mark was recruited by a developer, The Trada Group, to establish a mortgage division in order to capture previously outsourced mortgages. Mark formed an alliance with the Summit Mortgage Company from Minnesota, which enabled Trada to issue mortgages for their properties. Unfortunately, the Great Recession of 2008 caused Trada to close its doors. It was at this time when Mark founded his own commercial real estate mortgage company, Lending Resources Group. LRG has become a reliable source for originating mortgages for land, housing, retail, and cannabis properties and proven to be a leader in construction financing for multi-family and single-family developments.


Mark has become an expert in helping investors purchase real estate with their retirement accounts through non-Recourse financing. He began arranging these specialty loans for IRA investors in 2004, when they became available to the public and is now considered a leading authority on the requirements for this specific niche of financing.


Over the past two decades, Mark has established a proven track record of solving complex financing problems. “I enjoy helping people solve their real estate challenges whether they are buying, building, or refinancing. I want to be recognized by my clientele as the problem solver who helped them realize their real estate goals and succeed, even when they thought they could not,” Mark says.


Mark holds a California Finance Lender License (CFLL) and a Juris Doctorate degree.


Mark Robbins, J.D.

CEO — Lending Resources Group, Inc.

FB:  Lending Resources Group, Inc

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