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Mark Ryan


Six years ago, Mark Ryan thought he had retired. He’d had over 25 years of continued success in building and managing businesses ranging from large engineering and contracting companies for industrial facilities, to a company that installed synthetic turf for NFL, FIFA, and universities. Ever nimble, Mark had taken on roles in finance, operations, marketing, engineering, and product development, in addition to leadership roles, navigating complex engineering projects from conception through implementation. For most with such an extraordinary career, it would be only natural to recline into a well-earned retirement and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of professional service. But not Mark. “After decades of creating and managing companies in industries that produce tremendous amounts of heat as a byproduct, I felt compelled to utilize my expertise to engineer and provide solutions for mitigating the environmental impact of waste heat,” he explains.


So, in 2017, Mark founded ITerum Energy Company, the last of several startups. As CEO, president, and chairman, he leads the company in its mission to become the leading provider of renewable energy solutions, while reducing waste and greenhouse emissions. He brought in some of the dozens of experts he’s worked with over the years to join him in providing renewable energy products in a way that’s economically and environmentally advantageous, while helping underprivileged people across the globe.  To help make it happen, ITerum subcontracts as much as possible to keep overhead low, allowing them the flexibility to choose the best manufacturers and developers for their components and to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their solutions. Mark has won awards from Entrepreneur Magazine and a company he founded and managed was ranked among America’s Top Fast-Growth Businesses. He also earned LEED Platinum certification for the construction of a log structure, the first of its kind to earn the certification.


“About Sixty percent of the world’s population doesn’t have electricity, and underdeveloped countries that do are burning hydrocarbons,” Mark explains. “We must help the rest of the world be a better place. I have the experience, expertise, education, and desire to do something about it. That’s why I’m here.”


Mark holds a B.S. in finance and accounting, a master’s in engineering, and graduate certificate in energy policy and management.



Mark Ryan

Founder & CEO — ITerum Energy Company





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