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Marvin Ferguson, Rph, M.B.A, LSSGB, PMSP


Marvin Ferguson, Rph, M.B.A, LSSGB, PMSP, is the esteemed CEO of Marv Leads Consulting LLC, a company that specializes in delivering essential leadership tools tailored for businesses, non-profits, and organizations. Their comprehensive offerings encompass DEI initiatives, process improvement strategies, training, and workshops in support of their commitment to integrity-based practices.

With a lengthy and enviable career underscored by diverse expertise encompassing healthcare, leadership development, and community engagement, it is Marvin’s unique worldview, enabling him to provide a progressive perspective that fuels impactful change, that truly distinguishes him.

Marvin's credentials, which are a further testament to his wide-ranging knowledge, include a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from Ohio Northern University; an MBA from Malone University; accreditation as an Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator; Inclusion Workplace Certification from the University of South Florida; and Consultant Toolkit Certification from Harvard. He is also a prominent speaker and proficient workshop facilitator, as evidenced by his captivating TEDx presentation titled, Prescription Approved for Implicit Bias.

In addition to these endeavors, Marvin hosts Ask a Pharmacist on the Radio Free Entertainment Network, where he focuses on transparency between healthcare professionals and the public; founded Let's Get Healthy Cleveland, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to addressing healthcare inequalities through clinical programs and community-based events; serves as the health chair of the 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, Inc.; and founded I.M.O.N.B LLC Properties to address housing disparities in Northeast Ohio. In a touching tribute to his late mother, Marvin also established Bruce's Jamaican Fusion Soul, a food truck offering a vibrant menu of Jamaican and American favorites.

We engaged in a conversation with Marvin to delve deeper into his motivations for leaving an enduring impact on communities and the array of companies he leverages to fulfill this mission.

Marvin, what inspired you to start Marv Leads Consulting?


My motivation stems from a combination of personal and professional experiences that have shaped my journey. I felt compelled to harness my talents to establish a consulting business aimed at assisting both companies and individuals. Essentially, I wanted to create a holistic approach that encompasses leadership, training, and the various ventures I've undertaken. Within my compass, you'll find a spectrum of endeavors, from nonprofit initiatives to property management and real estate, even to my catering service, all interwoven with my rapid progression into management roles. The common thread has always been my innate talent and fervor for leadership and my genuine desire to assist others.


As for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), my experiences in this field drove me to share my journey with others. Around three years ago, I had the privilege of delivering a TEDx talk focused on implicit bias in pharmacy. This talk ignited a strong demand for more discussions on this subject, with universities, companies, and various organizations eager to have me provide training and talks on these vital concepts.


In the realm of process improvement, I've spearheaded multi-million-dollar projects that significantly optimized efficiency and saved companies substantial resources. With Marv Leads, I've fused all these talents, skills, and experiences into a consulting business that empowers companies and individuals to enhance their efficiency across these three critical arenas.


Can you share a bit about a few of the training and leadership development workshops you offer?


Our training and development workshops are tailored to the unique needs of both corporations and individuals, with a primary focus on cultivating essential core competencies. One of our flagship offerings is the IDI workshop, short for Intercultural Development Inventory, which is dedicated to fostering intercultural competencies. Through the utilization of the IDI tool, we delve deep into the distinction between implicit and explicit biases, empowering our participants to navigate and address these biases effectively. In addition, we offer a workshop titled 'Manning Up on Your Mental Health,' a program designed to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health issues, particularly among men. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to instill an awareness of the critical importance of mental health and encourage emotional vulnerability in men across all professions. Our aim is to equip individuals with the tools for self-care, enabling them to enhance their leadership capabilities through a holistic approach to well-being.


Let’s turn to your nonprofit, Let’s Get Healthy Cleveland. Where did this idea come from, what services do you provide, and how can people benefit from it?


In 2018, I embarked on this journey, drawing inspiration from my roots in Kingston, Jamaica. My family and I relocated to the United States when I was around seven or eight years old due to my mother's battle with lupus. During that time, information about the disease was scarce, leading to confusion regarding her treatment. My involvement with an organization brought me to a pivotal moment when I was tasked with spearheading a cardiovascular awareness and education program in Cleveland. This initiative aimed to address disparities and promote equity awareness, particularly in the context of amputations and the lack of access to comprehensive information. The overwhelming support from the community fueled my passion, prompting me to establish Let’s Get Healthy Cleveland. Our events serve as platforms for sharing knowledge, featuring panels of experts encompassing healthcare professionals, pharmacists, counselors, patients, and more. Over the years, we've conducted over 200 programs throughout Ohio, with a focus on raising awareness, providing education, and offering essential resources across various health topics, from opioid awareness to multiple sclerosis and diabetes.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


"Do Good. Live Good." These words serve as my guiding principles. Whether through IMONB's work in affordable housing, Let's Get Healthy Cleveland's initiatives, or Marv Leads Consulting's commitment to addressing inequities and facilitating growth for both companies and individuals, my primary motivation is to be the person who can truly make a difference in people's lives.


Marvin Ferguson, Rph, M.B.A, LSSGB, PMSP
Marv Leads Consulting LLC


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