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Mary K. Farrington-Lorch

Since the day she set foot in the legal realm decades ago, two words have guided Mary K. Farrington-Lorch: integrity and justice. For the throngs of creditors she’s represented as an expert in bankruptcy law, her name has become synonymous with these terms—and with good reason. She’s dedicated the past 16 years solely to creditor rights and representation, wading into the fray of unpaid debts to tackle any situation with creativity, legal savvy, and integrity to help them get the results they deserve.


As founder of the Law Office of Mary K. Farrington-Lorch, Mary provides representation in bankruptcy, commercial litigation, and collections, navigating situations ranging from the typical to the highly unusual to deliver creative solutions that yield a reasonable outcome for both sides. Though her practice is strictly creditor representation, her prior experience includes the debtor side as well, so she has a uniquely balanced view of cases. Mary dives deep to learn about her clients and their businesses so that she can construct truly unique approaches to help them move forward, building strategies like a piece of art. “Practicing law is close to an art form,” she says. “You have to be able to write, articulate yourself, conduct yourself with confidence, and you have to be creative.”


Mary started practicing with a large corporation in 1984 after graduating from the North Dakota University School of Law. She stepped away from larger firms in 2006 so that she could focus more closely on her clients and become the trusted, accessible resource they need. Just a year after opening her practice, she earned a place on the Super Lawyers list. “Every single case deserves an outcome that leaves the client feeling satisfied,” she says. And she doesn’t just mean financially. “A big settlement is great, but a lawyer should be judged by the quality of their work and their integrity.” For Mary, helping her clients get from a stressful situation to a place of peace is the main goal. “Getting them to feel good about where they are is an important outcome,” she says.


Outside her practice, Mary is an active supporter of the Arizona artistic community, serving on the boards of Theater Works and Phoenix Chorale.



Mary K. Farrington-Lorch

Attorney — Law Office of Mary K. Farrington-Lorch


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