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Maurice Ducoing


With a philosophy centered around psychological safety and inclusion, Maurice Ducoing has 15+ years of deep human capital consulting experience. Cutting his teeth with enterprise projects at Deloitte Consulting, Maurice gleaned an intricate understanding of the practice over the course of an eight-year tenure at the organization. Thereafter, he joined a private equity firm, K1, where he built a human capital consultancy from the ground up and supported dozens of portfolio software companies apply best practices. “It really became a laboratory for me to see what worked and what didn’t,” he explains. “The experience gave me insight into leadership practices and reaffirmed the five behaviors that differentiate successful teams: psychological safety, dependability, structure and clarity, meaning of work, and impact of work.” Maurice built this approach into the executive leadership program he led and continued refining these concepts in the field, ultimately becoming the foundation of his advisory. 


A teacher at heart with a background in education, Maurice derives meaning from helping others understand complicated principles. “My approach is rooted in IO psychology and focused on storytelling and feelings of inclusion that are grounded by hard neuroscience and data,” he explains. As the founder and CEO of Ducoing Human Capital, he remains steadfast in his focus on providing value to his clients. The firm specializes in change management (including M&A) people manager development (i.e., psychological safety, change management, inclusion), organizational alignment (including executive alignment and identifying organizational mission, vision and values) and diversity, equity & inclusion advisory.


Focused on cultivating a learning culture, Maurice believes in creating a world where mistakes are powerful learning tools rather than personal catastrophes. “It’s about fostering an environment where people can develop, share, and pursue creative ideas,” he says. “The only way a company can get better is if you improve and innovate, so if you don’t have a diversity of experiences and thus ideas, as well as the safety to share them, you’re leaving opportunity on the table.”


Maurice holds a master’s in education from Mercy College and a bachelor’s in industrial and labor relations from Cornell University. He also holds a certificate in producing from New York University.


Maurice Ducoing

Founder & CEO — Ducoing Human Capital



Instagram: @ducoing_hcm

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