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Max Greenwald


In the fast-paced world of business, where cold emails often dominate customer interactions, Warmly emerges as a breath of fresh air. Max Greenwald, the co-founder and CEO of Warmly, is on a mission to change the way businesses approach sales. With a unique blend of artificial intelligence and a human touch, Warmly is redefining the future of sales and marketing.


Max's journey from a project manager at Google to the CEO of Warmly reflects his relentless commitment to success. In 2020, Max and his co-founders, engineers by trade, recognized the challenges of turning leads into sales. They understood that spamming cold leads was unproductive, but the real challenge was how to orchestrate and automate buyer intent signals effectively so as to make reach out warm. This realization led to the birth of Warmly, the first autonomous sales orchestration platform tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.


What sets Warmly apart is its unique approach to generating warm leads. By combining the existing tools of any customer with their proprietary data, they offer the most accurate insights into website visitors and online search behavior. This allows businesses to identify warm leads; potential customers who are genuinely interested in their products or services. But Warmly doesn't stop at providing valuable data; they take it a step further. They are the only platform capable of automatically engaging with warm leads on behalf of their clients. Whether through chat, email, or LinkedIn, Warmly ensures that potential customers receive a warm and personalized interaction via AI, making them feel like VIPs.


Warmly has distinguished itself from other, less innovative tech companies with its movement towards a warmer, more human-centric world of business. In an era where cold chatbots are seen as spammy and ineffective, Warmly believes that being warm is the key to success. People no longer want a robotic, impersonal experience when they visit a website. They crave a human touch, a personal connection. This is why they also facilitate a live video call experience on their customers’ websites as a way to really make someone feel like a VIP.


Warmly’s ability to seamlessly blend AI and human interaction comes from recognizing that technology alone cannot replace the warmth and authenticity of a personal connection. By combining the power of AI with genuine engagement, Warmly creates an unparalleled experience for both businesses and their customers. Although their acumen alone proves value, the securing of an $11 million Series A funding round in October 2023 truly validates their worth. The round, led by Felicis, with continued support from NFX, Zoom Ventures, F-Prime Capital, Maven, Matchstick Ventures, and others, is a testament to the growing recognition of Warmly’s innovative approach in the industry.


In a world where cold outreach is becoming obsolete, Warmly is at the forefront of a warm, human-centered revolution in sales and marketing. Max Greenwald and his team are not just selling a product; they are selling a vision of a world where businesses connect with customers on a personal level, creating lasting relationships that drive success. With Warmly, the future of sales is undeniably warm, and the possibilities are endless.


Max Greenwald
Co-Founder and CEO
Warmly, Inc.


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