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Mosongo Moukwa
Transforming Organizations and Inspiring Leadership


Mosongo Moukwa is a distinguished figure in the world of business and leadership. With a remarkable track record in building and transforming organizations into engines for creativity and growth, Mosongo's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and impactful leadership.


As the president of Hathaway Advanced Materials (HAM), a leading specialty chemical manufacturer, Mosongo shoulders the immense responsibility of overseeing the company's operations. His role encompasses crucial financial aspects, particularly the strategic task of raising capital to fuel the company's growth. Under his leadership, the company is pushing the boundaries of innovation, driving its growth and reputation within the materials sector of the chemical industry.


One of Mosongo's standout achievements lies in his ability to enhance the profitability of companies by spearheading the commercialization of new technologies, exploring untapped markets, and introducing diversified product portfolios. His unique talent for transforming groundbreaking ideas into profitable products is underpinned by his strengths in technology development, technology transfer, and business development. Mosongo has earned the respect of his peers and customers alike for his visionary leadership, which involves leading multifunctional and multicultural teams to explore opportunities beyond traditional markets. Mosongo's influence, however, extends beyond the confines of the corporate world. Since 2010, he has also been an independent leadership coach. His services are in high demand, primarily driven by the recognition of his exceptional skill in constructing organizations from the ground up.


Mosongo's academic credentials further underscore his dedication to personal and professional growth. He holds a PhD from Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada and an MBA in finance and marketing, from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA, along with several other certificates that demonstrate his commitment to lifelong learning.


One of the most notable aspects of Mosongo's career is his new book, Be a Leader of Significance, a best seller, in which he reflects on his journey and the realization that his greatest achievements were the result of his ability to motivate and inspire people. The core theme of the book revolves around the idea of impactful leadership in everyday moments. Mosongo's aim is to inspire individuals to actively seek out leadership opportunities, create moments of significance for others, and enhance their own leadership capabilities.


Mosongo Moukwa is not just a corporate leader; he is a visionary with a profound impact on the business world and leadership development. His journey from academia to entrepreneurship, coupled with his ability to inspire, has made him a beacon of transformative leadership. Through his book and his role at HAM, Mosongo continues to inspire individuals to be leaders of significance, fostering innovation and personal growth in every aspect of their lives.


Mosongo Moukwa
Hathaway Advanced Materials

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