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Nahom appears in the Top 100

Innovators & Entrepreneurs magazine

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Nahom Assefa

Driven by his ambitious nature, Nahom Assefa works towards increasing the value and success of communities countrywide one property at a time. His interest in real estate was enhanced while he was working fulltime as an IT specialist at one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world. Just one month into his role with Bank of America, he launched Nahom Buys Homes in October 2019. A few months later, he executed his first deal as an independent real estate investor, followed by a second. Nahom left the corporate world to pursue real estate full-time—and he never looked back.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Nahom Buys Homes specializes in providing valuable services in the real estate industry, working with buyers, sellers, and investors. To date, they’ve transacted over a million dollars’ worth of deals across St. Louis, with plans to enter the Houston market by year’s end. “We seek out properties with the primary objective of enhancing their neighborhoods and communities, by either personally rehabbing them or finding investors that can work towards significantly increasing their value,” Nahom explains. “We make the process convenient, simple, and enjoyable.” While the company is currently focused on single-family homes, they’re working towards plunging even deeper into the commercial space market, including apartment homes and retail commercial buildings.

“With every deal we do, we go into it with this intention: How can we provide service and value, and in what ways can we do this?” he shares. “We look to partner with local investors, not compete with them.” Nahom also puts special emphasis on developing networks with other investors and collaborating with local realtors to sell properties. While his role involves a great deal of negotiating with buyers and sellers, and working with private and hard money lenders, underlying it all is knowing that he’s making a difference in the lives of others. “What I love about my job is getting to help people every day,” he says. Nahom plans to build schools in his native country of Ethiopia by using the network and influence he’s amassed through his business.

Nahom holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Missouri.

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