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Neal Vasso

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and virtually halted American commerce, many businesses were unable to pivot and faltered. Nowhere was this more evident than in the finance sector. Fortunately for Vasso & Associates, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial, they had long since implemented remote advisory services, so their business continued uninterrupted. Amid the turmoil and uncertainty of this historical time, their clients had something that many other people did not—peace of mind. And they had the additional security of a resilient and insightful leader, poised to continue protecting their financial health by delivering personalized financial advice to help them achieve their goals, today and tomorrow, through their Confident Retirement® approach. This is Neal Vasso.

Neal, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with more than 24 years of experience, is the managing partner of Vasso & Associates. He presides over the company’s two offices in Dallas and Tyler, Texas, as well as the teams who work from them, offering retirement, tax, and estate planning, as well as astute strategies for wealth preservation. In addition, Neal delivers his own personalized financial advice to help clients achieve their current and future goals, whether retirement, education, small business ventures, or major purchases, like a second home. To date, he and the talented staff of Vasso & Associates have served over 1,000 clients and currently manage more than $470 million in assets.

When asked what the secret to the firm’s success is, Neal humbly said, “From a wealth management standpoint, we focus on the client’s needs, goals, and risk tolerance. We make sure to stay engaged by meeting regularly, analyzing and monitoring progress, and adjusting plans as life changes. And we continue to provide anytime access.” In fact, 60% of Neal’s clients were already participating in online meetings and utilizing digital data sharing prior to the pandemic, while others quickly adopted it. “By offering a ‘digital hybrid’ advisory service, we cater to the unique lifestyles of our clients—those who prefer to interact remotely or digitally and those who prefer face-to-face engagements,” he says.

It is this commitment to quality customer service that can be credited for the firm’s stellar reputation. In fact, it is not uncommon that they represent clients for decades and multiple generations of a single family, a further testament of their clients’ loyalty. According to Neal, the firm’s success is measured solely by this metric. “What I enjoy most is playing a part in clients achieving their goals. That’s very rewarding for me,” he shares. “This is made possible in part by the way we are structured. Although we are a boutique practice and have the autonomy to operate ‘our way,’ we still have the benefit of Ameriprise resources and technology. In short, we’re a small firm with a big reach.”


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