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Nicky Rishi

In the dynamic realm of modern parenthood, Nicky Rishi stands as a beacon of innovation and empowerment. A trailblazing global HR executive turned Fempreneur, Nicky's journey took an extraordinary turn with the inception of MissPoppins Inc., a visionary enterprise that is reshaping the art of parenting.


An alumna of Silicon Valley's corporate echelons, Nicky's life underwent a seismic shift when she embraced motherhood, giving birth to twins amid the pandemic's embrace. This life-altering experience propelled her to initiate MissPoppins—a revolutionary mobile app that is the new parent-generation’s modern digital village. With MissPoppins, Nicky aims to obliterate the isolation that often engulfs parents during the formative years of child-rearing. This ingenious platform serves as a digital village, interconnecting parents and childcare specialists in real time, offering solutions to an array of parenting conundrums. The app's arsenal comprises real-time chats, personalized coaching, and a reservoir of AI-powered content—a repository of knowledge that ensures parents never again need to embark on the frustrating scavenger hunt across search engines or random community groups and apps.


Endowed with a profound sense of purpose, Nicky forayed into her entrepreneurial odyssey driven by a desire to foster a community where parents can commune, learn, and flourish. Within the app's embrace, mentorship thrives, caregivers converge, and fathers forge connections, encapsulating a modern-day village ethos.


A woman of myriad talents, Nicky Rishi's persona transcends the confines of business. A licensed private pilot, an ardent tennis player, and a maven across disciplines, Nicky's indomitable spirit has carved a niche where technology meets compassion, and innovation melds with community.


Nicky Rishi
MissPoppins Inc.

Instagram: @KnowWithNicky

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