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Nicole D’Abramo

Nicole D'Abramo, the CEO of D'Abramo Enterprises, stands as a symbol of dedication and innovation in the realm of transportation logistics. With a specialization in produce transportation, customs, and securing optimal transportation rates for clients, Nicole has carved a niche in the industry for herself and her company.

Nicole's transition to becoming a major player in the transportation market is not surprising, given that she grew up watching her father run the business as its owner and CEO. Honoring his legacy, and upon receiving company shares gifted to her by her father after her mother’s passing, Nicole picked up the torch and set about to not only safeguard the company’s stellar reputation, but to increase its focus on client-centric, reliable service. “I have relationships with transportation companies across the U.S. and Canada. If a client calls with a specific route and budget, I call all my contacts and make sure that the job gets done; on time, on budget, and with unsurpassed efficiency. In essence, I’m helping both smaller businesses ship their goods, and sending business to smaller transportation companies, so we all grow and succeed together,” she shares.

Adding to the scope of D'Abramo Enterprises service, Nicole conducts carrier searches herself, ensuring that clients secure reputable transporters without overpaying. With a keen understanding of trucking costs per mile, she empathizes with the challenges of expanding businesses and the subsequent rise in overhead expenses. Setting herself apart from traditional freight brokers, Nicole also operates as a freight manager, advocating for her clients' best interests without imposing hefty fees. Her mission is clear: to assist businesses in finding transportation solutions that align with their needs and budgetary constraints.

At the heart of Nicole's philosophy lies a genuine desire to uplift others. She prides herself on fostering relationships built on trust and mutual success. Whether it's liaising with large farms, shippers, or growers, Nicole finds fulfillment in witnessing the triumphs of her clients. For her, success isn't measured solely by profit margins, but by the collective achievements of those she serves.

As Nicole continues to steer D'Abramo Enterprises towards greater heights, her vision remains clear: to foster a culture of collaboration and compassion within the transportation sector. Through her leadership, she not only facilitates the movement of goods, but also facilitates the growth and prosperity of those she serves. In a world driven by competition, Nicole's unwavering belief in collective success serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.


Nicole D’Abramo
D'Abramo Enterprises

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